Triumph at the Turkey Shoot!

Scott Miyako


On November 19th-21st, PAC competed in the THSC Turkey Shoot Invitational. The entire club performed admirably and achieved many new cuts. PAC individual records were broken by Hazel Derr (Female 17-18 and Open 100BK) and Jay Wei (Male 11-12 50BK) and the 3 year old Girls 200FR relay record was broken by Mena Boardman, Andie Wieber, Zoe Chapin, and Hazel Derr! Great job PAC!





Charlotte Ames - Swam 5 fast swims, achieving “A” times in all. She had a 10.16s drop in the 200BK and a great first time swim in the 200FL!


Lucia Beeler - Had 6 great swims with drops in almost all of her races including a 2.29s drop in the 100FL and a 4.52s drop in the 100BR!


Mena Boardman - Swam 7 fast events, placing 1st in the 100BK, 100FL, and 50FR and got her first Sectionals cut in the 50FR with a time of 24.59!


Nola Broussard-Smith - Had a fantastic meet, achieving 2 “B” times and had a 7.18s drop in the 50FL!


Caio Cobb Rodrigues - Improved in all 6 of his events including a 5.17s drop in the 100FL and a 6th place in the 50FR!


Leela Cobb Rodrigues - Swam 6 great events, achieving “B” times in 3 of them and had a 1.59s drop in the 50BK!


Rose Crawford - Had a great meet and dropped time in almost all of her events including a 3.65s drop in the 50BK and a 1.56s drop in the 100FR!


Marcus Hanlon - Improved in all 3 of his swims including a 6.85s drop in the 100FL and a 15.28s drop in the 200BK!


Karen Higashi Marcal - Had 4 fast swims including a 2.89s drop in the 50BK and a 0.14s drop in the 100BK!


Lydia-Monde Kalinda-Melcher - Had a fantastic meet achieving a “B” time in the 50BR and a 7.45s drop in the 100BK


Amanda Kallenberger - Was swimming fast all weekend and achieved a “B” time in the 100BR and had a 16.13s drop in the 100FR!


Devin Karschnik - Improved in all of his events including a 4.2s drop in the 100BR and a 2.31s drop in the 100FR!


Cece Ku - Swam 3 great events achieving “A” times and 2nd places in two and dropped 2.27s in the 100FR and 1.47s in the 50BK!


Sydney Little - Had 6 fast swims and achieved 1 “A” time in the 100BR and dropped 10.26s in the 200BR!


Thomas Little - Had a great weekend and swam to two best times including an “A” time and an 11.87s drop in the 200FR!


Jack Martinson - Had 4 fast swims and dropped time in all including a 5.31s drop in the 100FR and a first time swim in the 200FR!


Dylan Meyers - Had a great first meet with first time swims in the 100FR and the 50FR!


Declan Mitchem - Improved in all 4 of his events and achieved a “B” time and a 0.94s drop in the 100BR!


Chloe Moreau - Swam 6 great events including 3 first time swims in the 100BK, 100FR, 200FR and dropped 6.24s in the 50BK!


Jake Myers - Swam the 200FR and the 200FL for the first time!


Noah Norton - Had 4 great swims and achieved “A” times in the 100FR and 200BR and had a 2.75s drop in the 100BR!


Jackson Thomas  - Swam 4 great races and achieved “B” times in the 100FL, 100FR, and 200FL and had a 2.39s drop in the 100FR!


Simon Vanderwal - Had two fantastic swims, achieving a “B” time and dropping almost 6 seconds in the 100BR


Jay Wei - Swam 7 awesome races, getting 3rd in the 50BK and breaking the PAC record with a time of 28.48!


Summer Whittle - Had 5 fantastic swims, achieving “A” times in the 50 and 100BK and dropping over 5 seconds total for the two events!


Scarlett Dickerson, Three new personal best swims in the 100 Free and Breast & 50 Fly.


Calvin Dressler, New time in the 50 backstroke. 





Wesley Dressler, Crushed the 100 I.M.


Eliot Funk, personal best in the 100 Back & challenged the 200I.M.


William Funk, Personal best in the 50 breaststroke


Girard Harvieux, Four personal best times, best was a huge drop in the 200 freestyle.


Alissa Higashi Marcal, Three Best times in the 100 Breast, 50 Back, 50 Free. 


Calliope Horn, Great best time in the 50 Back.


Etta Ku, Great meet three new swims 


Robert Liddle, Three personal best times, 100 free was a 11 second drop! 


Zachary Mosen, Personal best in the 50 freestyle. 


Jin Nakajima, Took on & challenged the 100 freestyle, great job.  


Oliver Palmer, Six second drop in the hundred backstroke!


Clara Penny, Swam 3 B times all personal best.


Nolan Penny, Had a tremendous improvement in the 50 back


Ellie Schneider, Best time in the 50 back!


Gus Williams, Four personal best times, 100 Back with a 15 second personal best.


Nora Williams, Three new times in the 50s. 


Ayana Winter, “A” time in the 50 Fly! Huge drop in the 50 back.



P1, P2:


Henry Cannon- Swam 7 events improved in all of them including 9.97 seconds in the 1650 freestyle.

Zoe Chapin - Swam 4 events and improved in all 4 being her most improved the 100 breastroke with 2.14 seconds dropped.

Adrian Clement – Swam 7 events improved in all 7 being his best events the 100 backstroke where he got a new futures qualifying cut of 51.14.

Cate Coffield – Swam 6 events improving 4 of them being the 500 free with an 8 second drop.

Sebastian Cordova – Improved 3 of his 5 events including 1.25 seconds dropped in the 100 butterfly.

Amos Crafts – Improved 5 of his 6 events including an 11.26 seconds drop in the 500 freestyle.

James Crawford – Improved 2 of his 4 events in cluding a 1.97 seconds drop in the 200 fly.

Hazel Derr – Swam 7 events improved in all of them including a new PAC c open record in the 100 backstroke with a time of 55.49!

Opal Derr – Swam 6 events improving all of them including 5.99 seconds dropped in the 200 individual medley.

Jane Hanson – Swam 7 events and improved all of them including a 13.44 seconds dropped in the 400 individual medley.

Andrew Lee – Improved all of his 6 events being the 200 freestyle is biggest drop with 3.28 seconds of improvement in the 200 freestyle.

Joshua Lee – Swam 4 events and got 3.38 seconds of improvement in the 200 freestyle.

Sabrina McGarvey – swam 2 events including 2.70 seconds of improvement in the 100 butterfly.

Zach Melaku – Improved 5 of his 6 events including a 6.84 in the 200 individual medley. 

Owen Mills – Swam 3 events including

Sonia Schnell – Swam 4 events and dropped 8.24 seconds in the 200 freestyle.

Michael Spicer – swam 2 events and dropped .06 in the 100 freestyle.

Max Thompson – Improved in 4 of his 4 events including a 5.59 seconds in the 200 backstroke.

Bailey Trahan – Swam 7 events and improved in 4 of them including a whopping 1:19.38 improvement in the mile.

Taylor Trahan – Swam 5 solid events with great effort in all of them.

Orion Upham – Swam 2 events and got a best time by 1.10 seconds in the 100 Butterfly.

Andie Weiber – Improved all of her 5 events including 4.40 seconds of improvement in the 100 Butterfly.

Jake Wilson-Goodwin – Improved 5 of his 8 events including 13.03 seconds of improvement in the 200 breaststroke.

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