PAC Swimmers Score Big at VSC Super Bowl Meet!

PAC took nearly 90 swimmers to the VSC Super Bowl Meet in Vancouver, WA with over half of our swimmers having three or more best times!  In addition to the best times we saw many new 'A' times, Age Group Sectional times, and some great first swims for our newest swimmers!  Also, we had two team records set by our 8 and unders- Amayra Marquez in the 50 Fly (36.62) and Alexander Hatzikos in the 100 Fly (1:30.88)! 

Coach Tom and Coach Jesse had some great comments at the meet and after the meet and I would like to share them with all of you.  Here is what Tom had in his team email yesterday:  What strikes me is that you can never say this swimmer or that is going to turn out this way or that by how they swim in the first few years...patience is ALL that is needed and as Coach Jesse so aptly put, "All you really need to say (as a parent)is 'Good job and I love you!'"

This is the perfect time of year to be reminded by our coaches that swimming is a difficult sport and nothing comes easy in this sport.  There will be many ups and downs, there will be breakthroughs that come along, but they may not come when swimmers want them.  But, they will come and patience is needed by both the swimmer and the parent.  Jesse gave all of us a great reminder that as parents your job in this sport is to love and support your children and to let the coaches do the coaching and the kids do the swimming and goal setting!  Years ago I had a swimmer who wanted Junior Nationals like nothing else and luckily for me her mother asked me what she could do.  I had almost the same answer as Jesse except I added to love and support to always bring her daughter a frappuccino and one for the coach!  Her daughter eventually made her Junior National cut (placed among the top 8 twice in the 50 free), walked on a Cal, got a scholarship, and was on an American record setting relay (with two Olympians- Natalie Coughlin and Staciana Stitts).  In the Cal team updates her Mom was thanked for coming to the meets, supporting her daughter and the team and bringing the coaches their frappuccinos (in the last one they especially mentioned missing her Mom when she graduated as they were going to miss their drinks)!

So back to PAC.  Our swimmers competed really well and many of you saw some great drops.  Some of you did not, but we hope you learned from this meet and will work hard in the pool so the next meet is better.  We have a few meets left before our Championship season, so let's make the most of our opportunities!

Parents thank you for helping out at the VSC meet.  I know we had timers, officials and VSC used our timing system!  Way to go PAC Parents!

Here is the list of swimmers with three or more best times:  Ari Abromovitz- 3, Ben Altman- 4, Tisa Ambrosino- 6, Felicia Anderson- 3, Claire Bacon- Brenes- 6, Ray Baldwin- 4, Milena Benzaken- 4, Sofia Benzakn- 4, Erinn Blessinger- 6, Ella Bogdanski- 3, Josh Bottelberghe- 4, Lily Bourquein- 6, Beau Braden- 4, Sophie Braden- 3, Alimeah Bradley- 5, Veyda Campos- 3, Jacob Castillo- 5, Miles Cohen- 4, Quinn Cooney- 6, Jesse Dammann- 4, Jared Dana- 4, Lola de Garmo- 3, Tess Fleming- 4, Samuel Guy- 5, Gus Harquail- 6, Alexander Hatzikos- 5, Sophia Hatzikos- 4, Alan Hermanns- 3, Jack Johnson- 5, Riley Johnson- 3, Christopher Junn- 3, Matthew Junn- 3, Komren Komeyli- 4, Alon Kornfled- 4, Ryan Korn- 5, Jenny Kwon- 3, Avery Kyle- 3, Rees Kyle- 3, Robert Lagraff- 5, Jill Low- 5, Amayara Marquez- 6, Enrike Marquez- 5, Garen Marter- 7, Radhika Mashru- 5, Umika Mashru- 6, Jacob Mitchell- 6, Laura Parker- 5, Lydia Pearce- 3, Emma Peterson- 4, Grace Pouyadel- 5, Margaret Preston- 4, Sierra Sexton- 3, Sophia Smith- 4, Peyton Symes- 4, Tanner Symes- 4, Bowen terry- 4, Max Terry- 5, Ha- Lan Von- 5, Isabella Wallace- 3, Sophia Wilson- 5.  PAC Results and thanks to Wendy Fleming for more photos!


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