New 2.14:  One day a week program at Columbia Pool for High School Swimmers


Stay Fit for High School Swimming with

Portland Aquatic Club


Please join Portland Aquatic Club Coach Scott Miyako at Columbia pool starting after High School State, for one day a week training to work on swimming technique, starts, turns training and more to stay fit and improve your swimming. 

What:  Once a week practices from 4:30- 6 pm to refine stroke skills, starts, turns, and endurance.  Set they day with Coach Scott (M- F with a cap of 6 per day).  No Tryout Needed!

When:  4:30- 6:00 pm starting after High School State. March 1, 2020 until May 29, 2020

Where: Columbia Pool

Cost: $40 per month.  All swimmers must have USA Swimming Flex Membership $20.  Registration begins on 2.24 on  Swimmers who register before March 1 will pay only $20 for the first month of swimming (plus Flex membership $20). After March 1, $40 plus Flex Membership $20.

Space is limited to the first 30 swimmers and no more than 6 per day.  Please register at

Questions?  Scott Miyako:

Billing/ registration:  Mary Mclaughlin:



We have updated the training groups for the 2019-20 season in order to address the popularity of the program and simplify the group movement process, while continuing to encourage our athletes to be the best they can be, and Trusting the Process!

Our Developmental Groups (Bronze 1/2, Silver, Gold 3/5, Senior 3/5) are offered at the Columbia, Mt. Scott, and SWCC site pools.  The Developmental Groups focuses on stroke technique while building speed and endurance. Sportsmanship, team building, enjoying the process, and having fun are emphasized. Dryland will be introduced to swimmers in the fall and spring.

If you swim in a Crossover Group, you will train at one site pool (Columbia, Mt. Scott, or SWCC) as well as Dishman.  The breakdown is dependent on which Crossover Group is appropriate - the chart below outlines the progression.  Swimmers build on their skills, both in and out of the pool, during dryland sessions, and at various meetings and events throughout the season.  This group is a stepping stone between the Developlental Group and our Elite Group. 

Our Elite Group is the most advanced group of swimmers and practice is held at Dishman. Swimmers in the Elite Group are expected to attend all sessions in and out of the pool. Swimmers will be divided by event focus or stroke specialty between 1 and 3 times per week.

2019- 2020 Portland Aquatic Club Training Groups 


Goals/ Focus


Group Requirements

Meets/ Practices



National level competition, Sectionals, Sr/ Age Group Zones, Age Group Regionals, IMX


Multiple OSI State LCM times, Winter Sectionals or AGR.  Injury Free and coaches’ recommendation.

2-3 meets every two months. 6-11 practices/ week with 85% attendance.  4000- 7000 yards/ practice.

14- 20+

Crossover 3

OSI State, AGR, AG Zones, All- Stars, Elite Group, IMX


Multiple OSI State times in respective age group or at least one AGR and complete 15x100 Free @ 1:30. Injury free and coaches’ recommendation.

2-3 meets every two months. 6-11 (4 at Elite Site and more over holidays/ summer) practices/ week with 80% attendance.  3500- 6500 yards/ practice.


Crossover 1

OSI State, AGR, AG Zones, All- Stars, Crossover 3 or Elite Group, IMX


At least one OSI State time in an IMX event or multiple state times in IMR and complete 15x100 Free  @ 1:40.  Injury free and coaches’ recommendation.

2-3 meets every two months. 6 (1 at Elite Site and more over holidays and summer) practices/ week with 80% attendance.  3200- 5500 yards/ practice.


Senior 3/5

High School Meets, Districts, HS/ OSI State. Stroke development. IMR/ IMX


Capable of interval training all strokes while continuing to improve technique and best times.

3 meets each season, 3 or 5 practices/ week plus dryland. 2000- 4000 yards/ practice.


Gold 3/5

OSI State, All- Stars, Zones, Crossover 1 or 3, Stroke development, IMX/ IMR, FUN!


IMX completed, OSI ‘B’ times in 1+ IMX events. Capable or interval training while maintaining proper technique. Complete the following:  200 Free Time under 2:50.00 (SCY), 200 IM under 3:10.00 (SCY), 8x100 Free @ 2:00.

2-3 meets every two months. 3 or 5 days per week plus dryland.  1500- 3500 yards/ practice.



OSI State, Stroke Development, IMR, FUN! Gold Group.


IMR completed, Ability to swim all four strokes, and complete the following: 200 Free Time under 3:20.00 (SCY),  200 IM under 3:40.00 (SCY), 10x50 Freestyle @ 1:10. 

2-3 meets every three months. 3 practices/ week. 900- 2500 yards/ practice.


Bronze 2

Stroke Development, IMR, Silver Group, FUN!


Ability to swim 50 yards of all four strokes legally and 100 IM.

1-2 meets every three months. 3 practices/ week. 600- 1500 yards/ practice.


Bronze 1

Stroke Development. Bronze 2. Meets. FUN!


Ability to swim 25 yards of free/ back and basics of fly/ breast.

1 meet/ season or more. 2 practices/ week. 500- 1000 yards/ practice.