We offer practices at four 'site' pools around the Portland metro area. Each site pool has a head coach and assistant coach with practices Monday through Friday.  Swimmers at Dishman also practice on Saturday. Please review our tab on Training Groups to determine what pool is right for your swimmer.

Matt Dishman Community Center:  Located in inner Eastside Portland map

Mt Scott Community Center:  Located in Southeast Portland map

Southwest Community Center:  Located in Southwest Portland map

Parkrose High School Pool MWF: Located in North East Portland map


Drop off & Pick up 

Please park your vehicle in an appropriate spot and walk you swimmer into the pool, or, drop them off safely in front of, or near the facility. Your swimmer should be picked up in a timely manner at the end of practice. During the cooler months, we request that your swimmer waits inside until their ride arrives. 

Pool Parents

At each of our site pools, we have a designated Pool Parent. This person is an invaluable resource for our members! Among many other things, they host a Parent 101 night every fall, organize occasional social events, maintain the PAC bulletin boards at site pools, and forward important and timely information via our email blast system and e-boards on this website.    

Parkrose Pool - Brenda Ku

Matt Dishman Community Center -  Jennifer Hanson

Mt. Scott Community Center - Heather Penny, Ian Penny (MWF) Kate Thomas (Tu, Th)

Southwest Community Center -  Mari Little