Building exceptional people through excellent swimming


Our vision is to develop a well-balanced training program so every member achieves their maximum potential both in and out of the pool. Our program offers a natural progression of levels from a traditional swim team participation to a top-level competitive swimming program. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all participants. To do so we have athlete protection policies and guidelines in place.


  • Nurturing a "One Team" Philosophy by fostering a cohesive team environment through competition, club events, our mentor program, and strong communication. 

  • Supporting Needs by creating an enjoyable and disciplined workout structure that works for swimmers competing at various levels within the sport.

  • Providing a Path that offers a well-defined, long-term approach of gradually increasing degrees of commitment to reach peak performance levels with each member.

  • Creating a Positive and Safe Environment by giving our swimmers the right resources and a positive learning environment at each site pool where they feel safe and comfortable to swim.