On the Road
Lane Lyon
If you're like me, half the battle is coming up with an appropriately challenging and coherent workout.  The other half is remembering what it was once you're in the water.  The other half is tracking intervals, particularly in pools with no clock.  That our coaches do this and more so well is one of the huge benefits of swimming with our team.
On the road, the next best thing is to use the workouts provided by the U.S. Masters Swimming program, of which we are members.  They have a ton of workouts online through Swim.com, "The Official Swim Workout and Training Platform of U.S. Masters Swimming."
So you've got a workout, but how do you get it to the pool?  Low tech solutions could be to scribble a workout down with a crayon.  Those are water repellent, cheap, colorful, and readily available at restaurants exhibiting compassion toward parents with small children.  You could write on a small slate such as scuba divers use.  But you can also throw a bunch of tech at it.
Swim.com has an app for your smartphone AND for your smart watch.  To me, that's the key - if I'm traveling, I don't have a printer or a whiteboard, my child is post-crayon age, and I would forget the slate.  And keeping my phone by the pool seems like a bad idea.  But my Apple Watch (or equivalent) is made to be worn while swimming!
Now I'll be frank.  When I was working in software, there were certain user interfaces that had more knobs and dials than a NASA command center.  We used to disparage them as being "made by engineers, for engineers."  The Swim.com watch app is definitely a contender for that title.  Still, it's possible to get the essentials:  what am I supposed to swim; how many of them; on what interval; with how much rest; and where am I in the set.  There are a bunch of other ways to use it, but I'm keeping to my lane.
The high level steps to use it, assuming you already have a watch and phone linked up, is to sign up at Swim.com, linking your USMS account.  Then download the Swim.com app on your phone and watch.  Browse the workouts and find one you like.  "Favorite" that workout and it will show up on your watch once you say that you are doing a "Pool Swim."  You can pick yards/meters and length and it will adjust everything.
One thing I like a lot is the use of "haptics" (where your watch taps your wrist) to tell you when the interval is about to start.  I mostly find haptics annoying, but this is a welcome exception.
If this all sounds horribly complex, despair not.  You should still sign up to get the workouts, order some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets "for your niece" and ask for the pack of crayons.
Last, lest it go unsaid, all of this tech is impressive and it'll do while you're on the road.  But be warned that it will probably make you homesick, longing for the wonderful coaches we are so fortunate to have in Albany.  


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