Equipment Needs for each group are detailed below. Each swimmer will need an Armada team suit for competition, which is only available through our team vendor, Conejo Swim Works. You can find the link to our team store on our home page,


For detailed info on Suit Sizing, click here to review our Suit Sizing FAQ


For team apparel: Parkas, T-shirts, & hats, click here


Team Suit:   

Swimmers are welcome to wear any suit for practice as long as it is a lycra suit suitable for workout. No two-piece swimwear or tie up stringy suits for girls. No board shorts or non-lycra suits for boys. 


Team Suit: ARENA Navy Blue Suit with Embroidered Team logo

Girls Suit: Challenge back (recommended for 13 & Up) & 

Light Drop back (recommended for 12 & Under


Boys Suits: Brief or Jammer


Mini-Blue, Blue, Royal Blue & Yellow Swimmers




Junior Snorkel

Arena Fins (if your swimmer’s foot is still growing stick with floating fins)

Mesh bag


Navy Group

Arena Fins


Gold Group

Snorkel- Junior or Senior Size

Arena Fins

Mesh bag

Paddles- Strokemaker (Green or Yellow size)

Pull buoy

VoloBlade Paddles



Team Parka, Team Backpack