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TruWest is the vendor for our ACSC team parkas.

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Base price for the parka (before customization) is $137.20

Parka Details:

TruWest team parkas are bi-colored with black waterproofed exterior with gold interior polar fleece accent. Our team code "ACSC" is in block letters on the back. Personalized embroidery is optional but HIGHLY recommended. It will be on the front left side and is an additional $4 each (i.e. $4 for first name and $4 for last name).

The parkas are top quality fleece-lined parkas that will last for as long as you can fit in it!  Parkas are supposed to be warm, water proof on the outside, and durable.  Economy parkas (Speedo, TYR, Sporti, etc.) are less expensive, but not as waterproof, thick, or durable.

Arrival Time:

It takes about 4 - 5 weeks for the parkas to be custom made.

Click here to shop! You can pay by credit card upon checkout.