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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Certified Officials (Training Required)

We are always in need of Stroke and Turn Certified Officials. You do not need to be a swimmer yourself to be an effective official. Every A or B meet requires starters, stroke and turn judges, and referees who have been previously trained and certified at an MCSL clinic. Clinics last approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Meet Volunteers (no training/certification required)

Other volunteer positions which require no certification and training include:

Announcer (Senior Meet)

Will announce the events of the swim meet and the swimmers, when swimmers need to go to Clerk of Course to check-in for their race when timers need to move to the opposite end of the pool, announces any records, All‐Star times and score of the meet. The announcer will also play music before, after, and during breaks in the meet.


Will use a stopwatch to accurately time the swimmer in their assigned lane from start to finish. Will record all the times on the clipboard and hand to head timer or runner. There are usually 3 timers in Every Lane.

Tent/EZ Up

Responsible for picking up the tents and setting up equipment at the meet prior to meet start.  Tents will be needed for the swimmers as well as one for the coaches.  Collapse and transport tents back to the storage.  We will need 2 designated families to be our key holders (key to storage where tents are held), it is expected that you have the means to transport approx. 4 EZ ups and be attending most meets.

Setup/Breakdown Crew (Senior Meet)

Responsible for setting up equipment at the pool Saturday morning prior to the meet.  Responsible for breaking down the equipment after the meet. Will move tables, chairs, etc., before and after the meet. This position is only required at home meets.

Head Timer

Serves as a backup timer in each race, responds when a timer has a malfunction and raises their hand for a replacement timer that is started at the start of that race by head timer.  Has experience with timing prior to serving as a head timer.

Clerk of Course (senior Meet)

Checks in the swimmers and tells them their lanes.  Tells the swimmers where to wait for their events.  Participates in the “scratch meeting” to make substitutions


Picks up the timer sheets from the timers and any DQ cards from the Stroke & Turn judges and takes them to the scoring table.  May be posting sheets of events or results on the wall.

Announcer (Senior Meet)

Announces the events and the swimmers' names during meets.  Makes any other general announcements, including the score, team records, new A or B times records for swimmers.

Hospitality (Senior Meet)

Arranges for hospitality for officials during all A and B meets. Orders and picks up any store-made/purchased items and coordinates volunteers for other items as needed (cut fruit etc.) Sets up and cleans up refreshment buffet for officials at the break

Kids Cart (Senior Meet)

Prepares snacks and waters on the cart and walks by the timers and volunteers to offer snacks, cold waters to officials during heats.

Snack Bar (Senior Meet)

Works with Hospitality and purchases snacks, waters, and Gatorades for sale during meets. Sells snacks and drinks to guests during meets.  Set up before and clean up after meet.