Teamwork Toughness Trust


Crow Canyon Sharks Mission:

Provide a safe environment to encourage the values of Teamwork, Toughness and Trust through the sport of competitive swimming.




  • Hard work is going to be a big part of any successful life. We want Sharks swimmers to learn to have fun working hard to reach their individual goals in a positive team first environment.
  • Encourage balanced, well-­rounded, successful individuals who thrive in all areas of their lives, including swimming
  • Focus on providing a positive social environment 
  • Athletic and academic goals are both priorities. We want to foster an environment that allows for success in both areas of life and develops the valuable life skill of time management.
  • Encourage our athletes to dream of earning college swimming scholarships and taking the skills they learn as Sharks to the next level
  • Foster a positive "team first" environment in which the swimmers will thrive