Teamwork Toughness Trust


Team History

The Crow Canyon Sharks were formed in 2005 as a seasonal fall USS club. Ethan Hall and Dan Cottam had a strong desire to offer the talent-dense “680 corridor” a comprehensive swim program with the potential to develop top-level athletes.


In the fall of 2006 the Sharks’ first year around contingent committed to the program. Eight athletes and two coaches were the beginning of something special.


The program grew slowly at first, but by winter of 2007, a total of 20 swimmers had joined the Sharks. This proved to be the moment, when the USA Swimming community began to take notice of the team. Since then, the Sharks had enjoyed steady growth in numbers and success. 


By 2008 the Sharks had blossomed into a very competitive and comprehensive year round swim team.


In 2010 the Sharks won Summer Far Westerns as a testament to their comprehensive program success.


In 2010 Ethan Hall left the team to pursue other personal and professional opportunities, while Dan Cottam continued it’s great success.


In 2015 Ethan Hall returned to the Sharks as Head Coach when Dan Cottam pursued an opportunity elsewhere. The team brought on Joe Natina as Co-Head Coach.


Joe and Ethan led the Sharks to immediate and success. The Crow Canyon Sharks values of Teamwork, Toughness and Trust along with the help of some extreamely talented swimmers propelled the team to a 2018 Juniors West Women's Team Championship.