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Swimming is a very team-oriented sport. Day in and day out it's you, the water, and your teammates. And as fellow swimmers, your teammates understand the struggles and the pain. Their presence helps push you through those rough days and celebrate your better days. And over time you grow close to your team and they become your closest friends. A true group of friends that feel like a real life family away from home. - Katie Willis

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Hi, Tigersharks. NNA has still not released any further info about their meet this weekend. Here are some estimates for the weekend based on...

By Julie Hardt

NNA Age Group Meet Info: warmups etc.

2023 NNA Age Group Open Swim Meet March 25 & 26 Northwest Pool 2925 Apollo Way, Reno NV 89503 Hi Tigersharks. This weekend is...

By Julie Hardt

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