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Carson Tigersharks Masters Swimming Program

What are the Program Goals?
Tigersharks Masters aims to provide an organized swim fitness program for adults ages 19 + who want an organized swimming routine for fitness swimmers, triathletes, or USMS competitors.  Instruction and improvement of skills is also a top priority.  Working out in swimming is always more motivating within a group setting!  Support and encouragement always adds to your enjoyment of a swimming workout.

What level of swimmer do I have to be?
If you are able to swim one length of the pool you are good enough!  The program has swimmers of all skill levels.  The beauty of beginning at a low skill level is the fact that the only way to go is up.  We make no judgment on your current skill level but focus more on improving your understanding of swimming.  We think even great swimmers can improve!

Do I have to compete?
No!  Competitions are for fun and are not required.  While we do have individuals that compete in Masters swimming meets we certainly do not make it a focus.  However, Masters competitions are the most fun sports "competitions" in the world!  Carson Tigersharks Masters competes in local, regional, and national level meets and when those individuals who choose to compete go to those competitions they represent all
members of the program!

I am a Tri-athlete and Need Yardage!  Can I get that?
Most tri-athletes under-train in swimming in terms of frequency.  Volume is way overrated compared to quality.  Do marathoners run only marathons in their training?  Most tri-athletes are already very aerobically fit but have very poor technique in swimming.  An improvement in technique alone can make a tri-athlete better in the swim portion of the race and  a consistent swimming regimen will improve endurance in the other disciplines as well!

Do I have to be a member of United States Masters Swimming to join the program?
No, you do not.  If you wish to train on Saturday mornings then you are required to hold membership in USMS, Inc.  Membership costs about $50 per year and you may register by going to this website:

May I try the program first before I commit?
Of course!  We have no problem with you coming to several workouts to determine if it is for you!  The hardest part of the program is getting there by 5:45 am!