Pacific Swimming
Level 2


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: From a broad perspective, where are we going as a club?
A: We, as a club, are progressing to the next level. We are building upon past accomplishments and the firm foundation built by those who came before us to the next challenge and a more ambitious definition of excellence. This is succinctly expressed in our hierarchy of organizational statements -- our Mission, Values, and Vision  Statement. These statements bring clarity to where we are headed and how we will engage one another on the journey forward. These statements form the backdrop for the decisions we take, how we channel our collective energy, and the ways in which we will allocate resources. Our mission, values, and vision statement clearly delineates the club's objective, the scope of its ambition, and the advantage we will create and leverage in our quest for excellence.
Q: What are areas that the Carson Tigersharks places emphasis on to be successful?
A: The Tigersharks is a robust organization and wishes to provide an experience for all.  This looks like programming that encompasses water safety, confidence building, being competitive, and establishing fitness as well as the opportunity to develop into “the best you can be” without ever having to leave the family.  This is a passion for our coaching staff, our administrative staff, and our volunteer Board!
Three ways the Tigersharks organization is working to do this are:

1.      Growing our great sport: We want to continue to recruit individuals to participate in swimming. We work to develop swimmers who will progress with eager patience as they work through our structure as a program.

2.      Provide a great experience and a positive environment for all our members: We are here to provide each member with an opportunity to excel to their highest potential.  Our program offers a developmental track that considers young athletes’ career. We encourage our youngsters to aspire to their highest ambitions.

3.      Help grow great young children: The Carson Tigersharks takes great pride in helping parents to develop well-rounded, dedicated and positive children and giving them a life-long ability to swim.

Q: What is the club structure? Why is it beneficial to the student-athletes?
A: The club structure is based around group coaching and is broken up into distinct “training” levels. Within the club we have several levels of groups based on ages, skill levels, and levels of commitment.  Our philosophy is centered on a slow, natural, progression of our athletes to prevent “burn-out” and “plateauing”.  Our program is centered on “Training to Learn”,  “Training to Train”,  “Training to Race”,  and “Training to Win”, in that order.
As the student-athletes move through the different practice groups they receive personal attention from any number of coaches.
The model is strategically laid out as to allow staff the ability to reference each and every swimmer by name, be in tune to rapid progression that would warrant a group change, and overall to provide the best possible customer service within our organization.
The model provides an opportunity for the swimmer to experience the robust professional talents of a vast majority of our coaching staff.  Our goal is to educate our swimmers and to improve their “swimming IQ” to allow them to help themselves as much as possible. 
Q: How can I help the Carson Tigersharks?  While there is any number of ways you may help whether it is with time, talent or treasure, one of the biggest and easiest ways it so be a great advocate of the program. Speak of your positive experiences with non-Tigersharks friends, family and the rest of your network. Education and communication within you network will go a long way in helping identify young swimmers who wish to further their experience on a year round basis.  
Q: What are the needs for our clubs infrastructure?
Our key initiatives include:

·       To provide our members with the best coaching staff, equipment, facility, and opportunities to achieve excellence. 

·       Leverage our relationships with key members of the community to grow our community financial support partnerships.

·       To involve our membership in the management and operation of our four meets we host each year that is a key component of our financial stability.

We are always looking for partnerships in the community that can help meet our objectives. Money will play a role in how much we can grow and become a program of excellence.
Q: What is Meet Management?
A:  Meet Management is responsible for all organizational aspects of meets that the Carson Tigersharks host.
Meet Management Includes:

1.      Clerk of Course

2.      Hytek Computer Software

3.      Colorado Timing System

4.      Officials

5.      Awards

6.      Hospitality/Concessions

7.      Meet Set-Up and Tear-Down Squad

8.      Meet Management

Q: Why do we have to work at meets?
A: As a 501- (c) 3 sustainability is dependent on the volunteer efforts of our parents.  By hosting well-staffed, well-organized meets we provide our swimmers with the very best opportunity to perform well.  Parents are truly the "Team Behind the Team."  
Q: Who should I contact if I want to get more involved with Meet Management?
A: Please e-mail [email protected].  We welcome your help, and we can get you connected with someone who can provide you more information.  (Please be patient and remember that these are volunteers, so it may take a day or two to get a response.)  We look forward to hearing from you!
Q: What ways can members stay current with the Carson Tigersharks?
A: Members, and non-members, have numerous ways to stay current with what is happening at the Tigersharks. The most public way to see what is happening at the Tigersharks is by using the club’s website, The website is updated on a regular basis and has information for both members and non-members.  The team also has a bulletin board at the pool with updated information.   

Q: Why not just charge more in dues rather than fundraising?
A: It is in the best interest of the long-term sustainability of this program to offer choices to our customers to help off-set costs for the families. We understand that some families would prefer to just write a check but the options to raise funds through the above mentioned venues keep cost down for our membership.
Q: How can I get involved in supporting the Carson Tigersharks?
A: That one is easy!  Contact Team Manager/Admin Coach Becki at [email protected] for more information.  We are constantly looking for community partnerships through companies as well as individuals who can contribute financially. We have had local companies step up to provide financial support and will always welcome more.  And, if you have a network of friends/family/co-workers that you believe might be interested in supporting our goal of excellence, we definitely want to know who they are!  We like to ensure our interested supporters are made aware of special opportunities to interact with us throughout the year so please pass along names and contact information so we may include everyone on our communications.
Q: How can I get support in asking a local company to support the program?
A: We have resources available to assist whether you need someone to accompany you to a meeting or help with creating a customized document outlining the financial needs of the team.  We have had the most success leveraging and capitalizing on personal relationships to make introductions to local companies to offer them an opportunity to provide financial support for our program.