Pacific Swimming
Level 2


Carson Tigersharks Junior League Swimming

6-12 year olds

Upcoming Shark Leagues:


Fall League: September 11 - November 8

2 training sessions per week

JR League:

Monday & Wednesday: 5:15 - 6:00pm


Tuesday & Thursday: 4:40 - 5:25pm OR 5:30 - 6:15pm


Holiday League: November 27 - December 20


Registration Process:

New Swimmers: Arrange a try out


Before swimmers can join the Junior Shark League, they must have a try out to ensure they meet minimum entry requirements: 1) one length front crawl swimming, 2) one length back crawl swimming, and 3) confidence in deep water. Once they've passed their try out, swimmers can choose a training option.

Returning swimmers: Reserve a training option

There are a limited number of spots in each training session. Swimmers must contact the office to reserve a spot in their preferred day and time.


Contact Becki ([email protected], 775-720-7988) or stop by the Carson Tigersharks office at Carson Aquatic Facility (4:00-6:00pm, Mon-Thu) for more information.


Carson Tigersharks League is the premier league team in Northern Nevada. We emphasize stroke technique, racing, and friendships for junior swimmers (aged 5-12) and senior swimmers (aged 13-18). Swimmers are coached by a skilled team of USA Swimming Certified Coaches.

League swimming is the best way to get introduced to the sport of swimming without the high commitment of an elite club. Leagues run on a seasonal basis, typically 8-12 weeks long. Competitions are low-key, and they run once a month, typically on Friday nights for 2-3 hours.