Pacific Swimming
Level 2

Carson Tigersharks Membership Documents

Swimming on the year-round competitive Tigersharks requires more commitment than for the Seasonal Leagues. Insurance is also more substantial for more rigorous training and more competitions (particularly at other pools, including out of state). As registered members of USA Swimming, our Local Swimming Committee (LSC) Pacific Swimming requires a yearly $84 fee for insurance and membership costs. This payment is due in the fall of each year, and it covers membership for the next calendar year, January through December.

See below the documents necessary for membership on the Carson Tigersharks year-round competitive club.

Membership Agreement

Volunteer Policy

Tigersharks Code of Conduct:



Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)

Concussion Prevention, Treatment, and Management Policy

Photography Policy (release of images for photos on the website, social media, notice boards, etc.)

Carson Tigersharks and USA Swimming SafeSport

The Carson Tigersharks Swim Team is committed to providing an enjoyable and complete swimming experience for swimmers of all ages and abilities. It is the tradition of the Carson Tigersharks to provide a challenging, yet safe and positive training environment in which swimmers can develop a sense of self-esteem and pride through individual and team achievement. 

You can find our Safe Sport Policies by following the link HERE.