The Fog City Hammerheads offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of FOG to offer age-specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of their abilities.

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Big Fish

Advanced Pre-competition Group

Big Fish is our block building group of the Hammerhead team that sets the foundations of what it's like to swim with a club team. Ages ranging from 8-14 years old, swimmers get acquainted with scheduled swim workouts, reading a clock, diving from the blocks and perfecting stroke technique. 

Bronze Group

Skill-Building, Novice Level

Bronze swimmers take their first steps into the exciting world of competitive swimming. Coaches work on stroke techniques and drills to focus on specific areas in each swimmer’s style. Depending on the day of the week, Bronze coaches may focus their efforts on two or three aspects. One practice may include kicking drills and underwater streamlines, while another may involve efficient turns and Butterfly arm/kick action. The four main swim strokes – Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle – are emphasized in this group. Essentially, Bronze coaches want to prepare swimmers for swim meets; therefore, proper techniques and rules are constantly expressed throughout each practice.

Swimmers are involved in a rich environment with coaches providing honest and constructive feedback. Creative methods such as in-pool demonstrations and games are also implemented to ensure that swimmers actively learn and become engaged at practice. The concept of teamwork arises during practice through “lane vs. lane” relays and team challenges. At swim meets, coaches provide support to make sure swimmers feel confident before their events. Even though the primary focus of the Bronze Group is to prepare swimmers for competitions, what matters most is that swimmers reach their potential in the water and feel proud of being part of a team.

Silver Group

Skill-building, Competitive Level

From the Bronze Group, athletes move into Silver which focuses mainly on improving competitive strokes, perfecting starts, developing efficient turn techniques, and most of all having fun! Distance sets and advanced drill sets are emphasized in Silver to enhance swimmers' capabilities at practice. Athletes work on drill techniques which include sets such as underwater swims and "touch 'n go" turn maneuvers. Moving into Silver, workout sets are much more intense than that of Bronze. Athletes are expected to complete about 1 - 2 miles each practice, backed by timed interval sets and time-trial sprints. Like Bronze, Silver athletes participate in team challenges and “lane vs. lane” relays.

Silver swimmers gain confidence as they better themselves through practice. This group is mainly geared toward swimmers who wish to use swimming for conditioning while committing to other sports and activities. Silver coaches realize that swimmers at this level cannot commit to several practices a week, so workouts are optimized for maximum efficiency to ensure that athletes build up their endurance especially if they use swimming as conditioning for other sports.

Gold Group

Conditioning, Age-Group Competitive Level

From either Bronze or Silver, athletes move into this group. Gold swimmers are dedicated to the sport by attending at least five practices a week and by participating at USA Swimming meets on a regular basis. Swimmers are trained to endure challenging short-distance and long-distance sets across all strokes. Coaches use a variety of drills and dry-land training sets to make sure athletes reach a high level of performance necessary for meets. Swimmers in this group learn more about their body's limitations and are taught to adjust certain stroke techniques or diving maneuvers to enhance their abilities in competitive settings. Video demonstrations, team relays, and “power workouts” are few methods performed at practices. While keeping fun and teamwork in mind, the main philosophy in Gold is to adapt and endure.

There is no age limit for Gold swimmers as long as they commit to the team and meet certain time standards respective to their age group. Like Silver, Gold focuses on endurance and timed sets. Even though the workouts are similar to that of Silver, Gold coaches focus on competitive training by administering drills and techniques tailored for improving race times. Coaches regularly mentor swimmers before and after swim meets, factoring in constructive feedback.

Platinum Group

Conditioning, High School Competitive Level

Platinum swimmers are senior-level athletes who train several times a week in order to be at a top-level performance for swim meets -- including Junior Olympic Championship and Far Western Championships. Platinum swimmers are trained similar to Gold, but are expected to complete sets at much faster intervals, swim longer distances, and fully master all 4 competitive strokes down to the fine technical details. Participation in swim meets on a monthly basis including championships is required. 

Use of technique-technology practices, drill/hypoxic sets, and sprint/distance yardages are infused weekly with most practices focused on specific themes to maximize swimmers' abilities to efficiently push their bodies physically and mentally. Multiple opportunities are given for swimmers to collaborate with their teammates and participate in inter-squad races and challenges. Platinum swimmers are usually athletes who dedicate their time to only one sport (swimming, of course) year-round and participate on their high schools' swim teams during the spring season as well.

*Admittance to the Platinum Group is based on the discretion of swim coaches. Not all high school aged swimmers qualify.