FOG is a USA Swimming Safe Sport Recognized club!

This page provides methods for parents and athletes to get access to USA Swimming's various help centers and reference the team code's of conduct.

This information will always be available and we will send out yearly reminders with updates.

Reporting a Safe Sport Concern

Safe Sport Club Coordinator: Laura Horsley

[email protected] (415) 682-5044

All coaches are Safe Sport Certified. We hope all athletes and parents feel comfortable speaking with us about any safe sport concerns.

Our grievance procedure details the steps athletes and parents can take with concerns.

To deal with a Safe Sport concern, contact USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578 or use the link to the website:

To make a report contact the US Center for Safe Sport at (833) 587-7233 or use the online reporting form:

Safe Sports Anonymous text line: 888-270-7946

Being a part of our safe sport club means that every athlete and their supporting family has read, understands, and agrees to our club policies. They are all linked below. Please look through these and return them signed to one of the coaches.


Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy 

FOG's Action Plan to Address Bullying

USA Swimming's Best Practices Guidelines

Locker Room Policy

Photography Policy

Codes of Conduct

Athlete Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

Travel Policies

Travel Policy

Written Permission for Lodging

Written Permission for Travel

Safe Sport Education

The USA Swimming Safe Sport has all the resources and links you could need.

Learn @ USA Swimming has courses for both athletes and parents to be Safe Sport Certified.