As our team mission states, LAC is a process oriented team. The focus of our coaching staff is on helping your child become increasingly excellent at swimming and at life skills. We teach a learning mindset that will enable her to continue to improve through college and to develop life long character building habits. Although we have had finalists at Olympic Trials, Junior Nationals and Far Westerns, swimming achievement is not the ultimate goal of our program. It is the by product of a continual striving toward excellence that is encouraged in swimming, school, interactions with teammates, and every aspect of life. We focus on the personal mastery of each swimmer and on building a team culture where a daily practice of excellence makes everyone better. 

Our practice groups are structured to focus primarily on stroke technique and swimming etiquette in the Pre Comp, Novice 1 and Novice 2 groups. Swimmers will learn sound fundamentals in the four competitive strokes, learn how to read the clock, and learn basic set and practice structure. The children will be encouraged to be good teammates and to be conscientious of the experience of their teammates as well as their own experience. In the Junior 1 and 2 groups, competition is emphasized more within the framework of skill acquisition and mastery. We also want to make racing fun and approach competition as a way to bring out the best in ourselves and others. In the Pre Senior and Senior groups, swimmers are expected to take even more responsibility for their success as counting strokes, being responsible for time progression on sets and test sets is emphasized. College swimming is seen as a great opportunity to achieve admittance into a high level school, gain a highly motivated peer group, and possibly gain a scholarship. Achieving standards for regional and national level meets is a goal. In the Junior Varsity and Varsity groups, we have many swimmers who have gotten a late start into swimming, or who have several other commitments. These groups are set up to encourage continued improvement in the sport in a less pressured atmosphere. 
All of our coaches are members of the American Swim Coaches Association and as such, have access to the leading edge ideas in our sport. We are constantly implementing the leading edge technique and training concepts of our sport, using equipment that enhances swimming technique, and working with video to bring a greater level of awareness to the swimmers. We have a subscription to goSwimTV which sends out technique videos to swimmers 5 days a week. We also use underwater and overwater video filming several times a season. 
Swimming can be seen as an expensive sport, but when compared to the amount of instruction offered at practice and at meets, it is one of the most affordable educational activities available. Each Aquacowboy gets quality guidance in a sport that can have life long benefits such as increased confidence, expanded social circle with a highly positive peer group, low impact aerobic exercise, strengthening of focus, an increase in GPA*, and support from a highly trained staff, all for less than the cost of babysitting. 
*Did you know swimmers consistently rank in the top 3 of collegiate sports in GPA? 
What can your child gain by swimming? 
  • Confidence 
  • Fitness 
  • Flexibility
  • Friends 
  • Fun 
  • Focus 
  • Strength 
  • Persistence 
  • Patience 
  • Possible scholarship
  • Possible admittance to higher level college 
  • Possible travel opportunities 
  • Great fundamentals in a life long healthy sport 
  • Leadership skills