The David Happe Award

The 2021 David Happe Award winner is ???.

The David Happe Memorial trophy is awarded to the swimmer who exemplifies the qualities of a former LAC senior swimmer named David Happe. David Happe died of a heart attack, (due to an undiagnosed congenital heart defect) while starting his warm-up at the May Nissen Swim Center here in Livermore. A teammate by the name of Eric Russel saw him go under and rescued him immediately. CPR was started, 911 was called, and a fire truck from the nearby station arrived at the scene within minutes.  He was taken to Valley Memorial Hospital. 
David was a very dedicated athlete. He was also a runner. He loved swimming and always worked hard during his practices. He liked swimming and always tried his best in practice and at meets.

Determination, dedication, & perseverance in his quest to improve were the qualities that set David apart, and we remember him and give honor to him by awarding this trophy. In David Happe's memory, this award has been presented to dedicated swimmers over the course of many, many years. When the LAC swim team merged with San Ramon Valley and the Greenbrook Amberjacks, SRVL continued this tradition. Since David was a part of LAC prior to the merger, we at LAC will again honor David with this award.
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There was not a 2020 David Happe Award winner due to COVID.

The 2019 David Happe Award winner was ________.

The 2018 David Happe Award winner was Hadi Zeid.

The 2017 David Happe Award winner was Madeline Patel.

The 2016 David Happe Award winner was Katie Ottman

The 2015 David Happe Award winner was Annelyse Combitsis.