Pacific Swimming

Training Groups

Our program is built on a progression of skills and each group has a set of skills swimmers need to master before they move on to the next group. The specific criteria for each group can be found in our team handbook, and below is a quick overview of the groups.

Green Group

This is the beginning of our competitive program, where swimmers learn the fundamentals of all of the strokes and start to prepare for meets if they are ready. Minimum age: 6

Blue Group

This is the foundation of our competitive program, where swimmers are preparing to compete, and stroke technique for all strokes continues to be the focus of all practices. Blue group swimmers are gaining the skills, techniques and fitness to confidently compete in meets. 

Minimum age: 8

Pre-Senior Group (formerly Bronze, Silver and Gold )

This group is for dedicated swimmers 11-14 years old who have demonstrated competency in all of the Blue group skills and who have shown a commitment to competition by attending meets throughout the year. Within this training group swimmers achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold levels, which are determined by dedication, skills, fitness, and competitive performances. Minimum Age: 11

High School/Senior Group

This group is for high school-age swimmers who either want to train for the high school season or are year around swimmers, and it gives them an age-appropriate group to train with. The Senior Group are high school and college-aged swimmers who are training for and competing in Senior level meets and they have met or exceeded the Pre-Senior requirements. Minimum age:14