Pacific Swimming

MLST Swim Groups

Group placement is at the discretion of the coaches.

All groups are expected to wear team swim cap and suit at all swim meets.

Sharks-In-Training (NOT OFFERED IN 2021)

Sharks-In-Training meet twice a week for three weeks at the beginning of the season to help budding swimmers meet the requirements for the skills group. 


The skills group concentrates on building a swimming foundation.


  • Swim 25 m (1 length of the pool) in 90 seconds without assistance or holding lane lines
  • Complete submersion for 5 seconds while holding breath and blowing bubbles
  • Superman float on both stomach and back
  • Enter and exit pool efficiently and without assistance
  • Demonstrate ability to listen and follow directions with a willingness to try​



The development group focuses on technique.


  • Fullfill requirements for the skills group
  • Comprehend different strokes
  • Demonstrate individual components of strokes
  • Flutter, dophin, whip kicks & 4 arm strokes


The competition group focuses on competitive swimming.


  • Fullfill requirements for the development group
  • Swim 25 m of every stroke without regular disqualification
  • Demonstrates dedication
  • Listens and respects coaches and teammates
  • Attend 3 away meets