Pacific Swimming

MLST Swim Groups

Group placement is at the discretion of the coaches.

All groups are expected to wear team swim cap and suit at all swim meets.


Age: 4-8 

Practices: 30-minute sessions, 5 times per week

Goal: To include younger/newer swimmers in the swim team environment and help them develop skills to be efficient swimmers.

Requirements: Swimmers must be able to put their face in the water, blow bubbles, float on their back, and swim/kick in some form for 10-15 yards. This group will focus on kick, stroke development, body awareness in the water, and building up to swimming full 25m lengths while having fun!


Age: 6-11 (Elementary School Age)

Practices: 1 hour sessions, 7 times a week 

Goal: To develop proficient skills in all 4 strokes in addition to body awareness and kick strength. Swimmers will learn about stroke technique, streamlines, intro to racing, diving, flip turns, and pacing.

Requirements: Swimmers must be able to swim a full length of the 25 meter pool with ease and have some knowledge of each stroke. The higher end of this group is an understanding of all 4 strokes, strength, and endurance. Swimmers are recommended to attend at least 3 out of 7 practices a week. 


Age: 9-12 (Late Elementary/Middle School)

Practices: 1.5 hour practices, 7 times a week

This group is aimed at younger swimmers that have shown a committment to swimmig and wish to continue to develop skills in all 4 stronkes, gain strength and endurance, and continue to learn and develop race strategy and pacing. 

Requirements: Show proficientcy in all 4 strokes, kicking, and streamlines, as well as beginning diving and flipturns. Swimmers are expected to attend at least 4 our of 7 practices per week and at least one meet during the season.

  • Fullfill requirements for the skills group
  • Comprehend different strokes
  • Demonstrate individual components of strokes
  • Flutter, dophin, whip kicks & 4 arm strokes


Age: 12-18 (Middle School/High School)

Practices: 1.5-2 hour sessions, 7 times a week

Goal: To continue to develop technically sound swimmers, as well as build strength and endurance and learn more about race tactics, speed, intervals, pacing, etc. The senior group focuses on competitive swimming.

Requirements: Swimmers must be in middle or high school and demonstrate all 4 strokes with proficiency, and be able to swim increased yardage throughout practices. Swimmers are recommended to attend at least 4 out of 7 practices a week and are expected to attend at least 2 swim meets throughout the season.