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Swimming Resources

Pacific Swimming

The Pacific Swimming website provides information on meets, including links to online entires, meet sheets, and results. They also post information about becoming an official and upcoming clinics. 

USA Swimming

Create an account for your athlete at USA Swimming (Deck Pass) to sign up for meets using their online meet registration platform and track your swimmer's progress. 

Strokes and Turns

Swim Technique

Get tips on the proper techniques for each stroke to go further and faster in the water!


Stroke, Kick, Breathing, Body Position


Stroke, Kick, Body Position


Stroke, Kick, BreathingBody Position


Stroke, Kick, Breathing, Body Position

Flip Turns


How Not To DQ!

Don't get disqualified! Here's a list of common reasons swimmers may get DQ'd and links to USA Swimming videos that describe what officials are looking for. 


Failure to touch the wall at the turning end of the pool.

Walking on the bottom or pulling on the lane lines.

 Exiting the pool before swimming the specified distance.


Past vertical towards the breast at any time except during a flip turn

Leaving the wall after a turn past vertical towards the breast

Improper flip turn (older swimmers)


Incorrect kick, such as a scissors kick or flutter kick

Non-Simultaneous two-hand touch or one-hand touch at turn or finish

Toes not pointed outward during the propulsive part of the kick

More than one stroke underwater with arms fully extended at start or turn

Arm recovery past waist except on first stroke after start or turn

Head didn’t break surface by conclusion of second arm pull underwater after a start or turn


Non-Simultaneous or one-handed wall touch at the turn or finish

Non-Simultaneous leg movement during kicks

Arms don’t break water surface during recovery

Non-Simultaneous arm movement during recovery