Pacific Swimming


Seasonal Specials and Team/Family Discounts



Sibling discount.  $10-$20 off per month for each additional swimmer at their normal group fee level depending on group of highest level swimmer.

Caughlin Club Membership.  Junior and Senior Group members will receive a discount of $30 per month off if they have a membership at Caughlin Athletic Club outside of NNA.


Seasonal Only Swimmers

Summer Developmental Swim Team                                                               $179 each for learn to swim summer special Dates: June and July.

Regular Summer Swim Team                                                                           $299/$349 each.  299 for WCSD summer (typically June-August).  349 for extended summer (typically mid May- end of August).  Both include summer registration.  Prices for all groups.

Fall Swim Team                                                                                                   $249/$299 each.  249 for Squid-White groups, 299 for Blue and Pre-Senior groups.  Dates: September 1 – November 30.  Includes fall registration.

Spring Swim Team                                                                                              $299/$399 each.  299 for Squid-White groups, 399 for Blue and Pre-Senior groups. Dates:  February 1 –  May 12.  Does not include USA registration.



All payments can be made online once you set up your account, or by check or cash.


Northern Nevada Aquatics Local Swimming Committee is Pacific Swimming (PC) Our Club Code is:NNA.

Erik Scalise-Head Coach (775) 331-0123