PASA and FTSC Site Policies

Information for Swimmers about Practices

  • Swimmers should attend practice as often as they can. Consistency is the key to improvement.
  • Arrive at practice fresh, not exhausted from other activities.
  • Be ready on deck at least 5 minutes before your practice group's starting time. If you arrive late, please get changed as quickly as possible and then find your coach.
  • Your coach will tell you which equipment you need and should bring to practice each day. Unless instructed otherwise, swimmers are expected to bring their equipment every day. Each piece of equipment should have your name on it.
  • Always bring a water bottle.
  • During practice, pay close attention to your coach. He/she will give you instructions throughout the workout. Think about the instructions your coach gave you while you are swimming.
  • Swimmers should treat their teammates and the facility with respect.
  • Every swimmer has a file folder for ribbons and awards, fliers and other announcements. Swimmers should check their file folder regularly before leaving the pool complex.

Attendance at Practice

Practice expectations vary from group to group and generally increase the older the swimmer. The most dedicated swimmers will attend the majority of practices, but it is common for swimmers to miss practices due to other commitments. The coaches will help each swimmer decide on a consistent workout plan that is right for them.

Swimmers who miss 3 or more practices in a row should contact their coach to let them know their situation. Swimmers who plan to take extended time off to pursue other sports, or for other reasons, should contact their coach.

Swimmer Behavior Expectations

  • Swimmers must obey the rules of the pool facilities. These include no running on the pool deck and no diving in the shallow end of the pool.
  • Swimmers must not enter the pool until their coach gives them permission to do so.
  • No horseplay or roughhousing is allowed in the pool, on the pool deck or in the locker rooms.
  • Swimmers should treat their teammates and the pool facility with respect. Failure to do so could result in a swimmer being barred from practice and/or a team event.
  • Swimmers should listen to and follow the instructions of their coach while at practice or at meets.
  • Swimmers should follow the directions of their coach and/or designated Meet Marshals or officials at swim meets. Unless in a designated take-off lane, swimmers must enter the warm-up pool using a 3 point entry.
  • If you see someone doing something unsafe or an unsafe situation, please notify a coach immediately.
  • Swimmers should not use inappropriate language to another swimmer or coach.
  • Swimmers should not harass, tease or bully another swimmer or teammate.
  • Proper behavior in the locker room is expected of all swimmers at all times. Proper behavior includes limiting showers to 5 minutes, respecting other swimmers belongings, not using inappropriate language and not participating in horseplay or roughhousing. Abuse of the locker rooms may result in a swimmer being barred from their use.


Policy for Locker Room and Pool Deck Behavior:

  1. Be mindful of our presence in the locker room, especially during transition times with other user groups - this includes your language as younger swimmers look up to older swimmers as role models.

  2. Do not bring any valuables into the locker room.

  3. No horseplay of any kind in the locker room.

  4. Pool deck (especially near the locker rooms) is not a play area.

  5. Swimmers (especially younger ones) must stay in sight of coaches or responsible guardian during their time at the pool especially after daylight savings time ends.

Punitive Measures:

  1. Theft of any kind will result in immediate dismissal from team with no opportunity to return.

  2. Fighting or rough housing (depending on severity) will result in suspension from or dismissal from the team.

  3. Horseplay in the locker rooms will result in loss of privileges for no less than thirty days, including using the onsite rest room.

Drop Off and Pick Up Policy at FTSC

Parents should help their swimmers to arrive for practice on time.


Once daylight savings ends and it is dark, a parent or guardian must escort all young swimmers from the FTSC pool gate entrance. If your child rides a bike, please notify your coach by email of your permission for your child to leave the pool unattended in the evening.

Traffic Safety:


  1. Please drive slowly and abide all traffic rules on Miranda Avenue-especially when you enter the FTSC Club driveway.

  2. Please pull in to a parking spot to drop off children. Do not block traffic by illegal or double parking your car (or parking in a handicap spot illegally).  Children need time to get out of the car and get their gear bags etc. If rushed, they drop items in the street and it creates a dangerous situation.

Take your time at Drop Off and Pick Up.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Parents should make sure that their swimmers have gotten adequate sleep and have had a balanced diet before coming to practices.

Parents (and swimmers) are responsible for checking the team website regularly for information on changes in practice schedules, etc.

Parents are welcome to watch practices from the picnic tables or in the bleachers. However, it is important that they do not disrupt the workouts by distracting a coach or swimmer during practice. It is not appropriate for parents to coach their children during workouts or at meets.

Parents with questions for the coaching staff are encouraged to contact them via email or by phone. Conversations with members of the coaching staff should take place either before or after practice.

For safety reasons, swimmers ages 12 and under should be dropped off and picked-up on the pool deck. Parents or guardians should plan to walk their swimmers to and from the car to the pool deck.

Swimmers ages 13 and older may be dropped-off and picked-up at the curb. Parents should not honk car horns when picking up swimmers.

All swimmers should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the ending time of practice.

Session Payments
Every swim session (or roughly every4 months) your dues are payable by check to D.Z. Swim, Inc. Dues are based on the Practice Group that your swimmer participates in.

In order to reduce administrative expenses, FTSC does not send bills to families for regular dues. It is each family’s responsibility to make arrangement to have their  dues paid by the first 2 weeks into the session

Membership Conduct
If a swimmer or parent from another team approaches you about joining PASA, it is important that you know....

Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics has experienced a great deal of growth and prosperity since our inception. In that time frame we have achieved a great deal in the competition pool and with that, drawn more attention to how that success has been achieved. We are not only judged by our swimmers performance in and out of the water, but also by how our parents and coaches conduct themselves on the pool deck.

With growing interest in our program, good swimmers from other clubs consider joining PASA. This leads to the question ; What, if anything, is appropriate to say to swimmers or parents of swimmers from other teams? As a parent, the answer is simple- refer the person in question to your coach. It is the coach ’ s job to make sure that the prospective swimmer talks to his or her club coach first. Then our coach will follow up with a personal conversation with the prospective swimmer ’ s coach. This puts the entire situation up front and keeps all parties well informed. Changes in swimming are inevitable, but the courtesy shown during this change is paramount.

Remember, that at competitions, not only are the performances of our swimmers being judged, but the conduct of parents as well. At the end of the day, you must ask yourself: " Is what I ’ m doing a positive reflection on PASA? " We will continue to try and improve as a program both in and out of the water and your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and we look forward to many more years of success!


Site Directors of PASA
Dave Zapp - DZ SWIM & Owner of DZ SWIM
Jason Martin - Los Altos G & CC
Dana Kirk - DKS 
& Owner of DKS 
Bruce Smith - Menlo Park
Jane Worden - Alpine
Tony Batis- Rinconada