Pre-Competitive Team

Pre-Comp or PC is a great opportunity for young and new swimmers to gain the skills necessary to become excellent racers. The program is aimed at enhancing skills, improving technique, and increasing stamina through drills, exercises, and assessments. Each session lasts only 8 weeks after which each individual swimmer is either recommended to advance to the next level or recommended to return to the same level in order to perfect the skills taught. Through the program, swimmers will placed into groups with swimmers with the same skills. They will all work together to become better, faster, and stronger swimmers so that they can advance to our competitive program. At each level, swimmers will tested in new skills from basic to advanced and they will be able to see their growth every step of the way. It is a great way to stay in shape, work on their swimming skills, and meet new friends in a friendly environment!

The aim of the groups is to have fun, develop the swimmer who has previously taken private lessons and get them ready for age-group swimming. There are many reasons why Pre-Comp is a great option for new and returning swimmers:

  • It offers classes that either teach or review swimming skills they may not have learned through easy to understand instruction;
  • Classes are small (5 - 12 swimmers) so that each swimmer is given individual attention to their stroke work and assessed on their individual contributions;
  • The time commitment is very relaxed - either 1 to 5 days a week for 30 minutes - as well as you are able to choose your own schedule based on the level that your swimmer is placed at;
  • The program lasts 4 months which is a short commitment which allows for flexibility in terms of other extracurricular activities that your swimmer may wish to take;
  • The coaching staff is friendly, encouraging, and funny - we want to make the experience just as enjoyable for your swimmer as it is for ourselves;
  • Finally, Pre-Comp is based on having fun and learning. We want your swimmers to have fun while they learn!

Even if you are not sure whether to join the competitive groups, Pre-Comp is a great way for your swimmer to get ready for the competitive groups through an 8-week Warm Up Period.

Our minimum prerequisite for our Pre-Comp program is:the swimmers must be able to float on front & back for 5 seconds, to know the arm movements of freestyle & be able to swim a ½ of the length of the pool unassisted.