Become an Official this Year 

Becoming an official does require a little bit of time and practice, but many parents find it very rewarding and a great way to give back to the sport of swimming. Being an official requires some training, some tests, and certifications. Officials must also wear a required attire when working at a meet. All teams must have trained, qualified, and willing officials and all teams face the challenge of keeping trained officials. 

All teams within our zone must provide officials to meets we attend within this zone, whether the meet is home or away. If we attend a C/B/A meet in another zone, we will also be required to bring officials. For every 11 swimmers we have at meet, we must provide one official. When we attend a championship meet in another zone, we are not required to bring an official, however, all teams hosting a meet greatly appreciate it when a visiting team can provide an official. All officials that you will see at every meet we attend are volunteer parents like yourself.

How to Become an Official

  1. Speak with an Official at the "Timing Trailer" at any meet 
    • Request to: "shadow as an Official for a few hours"
    • Read more online
  2. Attend a training clinic (free)
  3. Acquire a Background check via USA Swimming (there is a small fee for this 2 year credential, however you will be reimbursed if you become a registered Official) 
    • ​Only choose Option 1 if you're a new official. Otherwise, use Option 2.  
    • READ the section on "Background Checks for Officials"
  4. Pay for a Non-Athlete/Officials Pacific Swimming registration (this must be renewed annually)
  5. Track all time spent officiating, Piranha Swimming will honor time volunteered as an official.***
*** Piranha Swimming recognizes how hard our officials work!
We want to let you know this by being able to help you with expenses
and give you volunteer credits for all the time you spend on deck.

Each official will receive:

  • 2 shirts per year (polo/dry wick) from USA officials shirt site
  • All officials registration and background check paid

Our officials can earn credits for each session worked:

  • C/B/A meet = 1 credit
    • 2 credits if we have more than 11 swimmers that day
  • Championship meet, trials/finals:
    • Prelims = 1 credit, 2 credits if more than 11 swimmers
    • Finals = 2 credits, 4 credits if more than 11 swimmers
  • Senior Open, II = 2 credits, 3 credits for more than 11 swimmers
  • Senior T/F:
    • Prelims = 3 credits, 6 if more than 11 swimmers
    • Finals = 5 credits, 10 if more than 11 swimmers
1 credit = $5.00
Officials can redeem their credits, up to 5 credits a month ($25.00 
per month ) on dues
20 credits = White officials parka, or other officials gear

It is up to each official to make sure their sessions are documented by the head official at each meet they work.