How to Join 

Tryouts are by appointment only, call/email Ericka. 


Groups Dues
Pre-Team $95
Group 1  $95
Group 2 $100
Group 3 $115
Juniors $120
Pre-Seniors $130
Seniors $150

Families with 3 or more swimmers receive 50% discount off lowest group dues per month

 In addition to dues, there are annual registration fees.

We have a volunteer commitment of 15 hours per family.

Application forms: To sign up click on New Member Registration button and complete the process online. Make sure you pay the fees. And in 24 hours you will be approved. Then you will receive emails.

New Member Registration Packet (click to view only)

Team HandBook (NO need to print this is the team rules and other very important info, but do read it and refer to it when questions arise)

For additional information, call us at 707-536-1349 or email us at [email protected]

Group Standards

Group 1

To be able to join the team at this level, your swimmer should be able to swim across the pool on their own. Group 1 is an introduction to competitive swimming. Once in Group 1 the focus is:

  • Build on the confidence of the swimmers own ability 
  • Become proficient in Freestyle and Backstroke
  • Ability to Dive and do streamline
  • Work on Butterfly and Breaststroke, as well as turns.

Development Goals of Group 1:

  • Proficient in all four Strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle)
  • Ability to do all turns with each Stroke
  • Dive and hold streamline until swimmer surfaces
  • Side Breathing mastered
  • Be able to follow Start commands as needed in a swim meet setting
  • Should be able to swim a 100 free with turns and side breathing
  • Should be able to do a 50 of Butterfly, Backstroke and Breaststroke

Group 2

Minimum standards to move up to Group 2:

  • Proficient in diving off the blocks with Commands
  • Hold streamline until surface
  • Introduction to the use of pace clock with sets
  • Can do a 100 of Freestyle; 50 Butterfly, Back, and Breast

Development Goals of Group 2:

  • Introduction to aerobic conditioning
  • Advance technique skill in all 4 strokes
  • Advance swimmer’s proficiency in turns of all four strokes
  • Dives focus on competitive edge, tight streamlines, farther, faster
  • Develop all 4 strokes breakouts
  • Consistently does turns correctly
  • Consistently does streamline off all walls
  • Ability to swim an 500 free/200 IM/200 choice of stroke

Group 3

Minimum Standards to Promote to Group 3:

  • Be able to do an 800 Free without stopping
  • Can do a 200 Back, Breast, and IM
  • Expected attendance is 75%
  • Enter at least 3 meets per year (All our Piranha Meets)
  • Can use pace clock to accomplish workout

Development of Goals of Group 3:

  • Strong aerobic base
  • High Proficiency understanding of all the strokes, turns and dives for high level racing
  • Ability to develop individual race strategy
  • Development of Goalsetting, and mental fortitude to handle highs and lows of the sport
  • Development of individual preparation process (race ready and warm down)
  • Understand season planning and participate in Goal setting accordingly


Junior Group

Minimum standards to promote to Juniors:

  • Can swim a 1.5 hour workout
  • Expected attendance is 85% and Higher
  • Regularly competes in local swim meets
  • Goal is to be Top Age Group and/or strong High School swimmers
  • Minimum age 11, unless otherwise approved by Coach Ericka

Development Goals of Juniors:

  • Increase aerobic training capacity and introduction of anaerobic training
  • Continue Goal setting and advance individuals understanding of the process
  • Introduction taper phase for peak swimming
  • Clear development of individual needs for warm-up, warm down, nutritional and sleep requirements
  • Improve individual time standards in most of the swimmers age group events ("B time" or better) See age group time standards.


Minimum Standards to Promote to Pre-Senior Group:

  • It is possible to promote to Pre-Senior group from Group 3
  • Can swim for 2 hours 
  • Can swim sets on intervals such as 6 x 50 @:55, 10 X 100 @ 1:30
  • 85% attendance or higher expected
  • Regularly swims in local meets and regional meets
  • Goal to be a strong club or High School swimmer

Development Goals of Pre-Senior Group:

  • Increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Individual sets own goals and implements individual preparedness for races
  • Goal to achieve several B and A time standards in age group events
  • Participates in season planning and all phases of training
  • Regularly participates in local swim meets
  • Partakes in nutrional learning to improve workout ability and swim meet energy needs
  • Participation in Dryland to develop swimmers understanding for cross-training and improve swimmer’s overall strength and core strength
  • Minimum age 14, unless approved by Coach Ericka


Minimum standards to Promote to Senior Group:

  • Advanced understanding of all 4 strokes
  • Strong development of race strategies
  • Strong understanding of Goal setting procedures
  • Can swim strongly for the length of the workout (2 hrs)
  • Strong High School swimmer and/or Club swimmer
  • Goal to participate in Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, Olympic trials, Futures, Sectionals, and Senior meets
  • 90%or better attendance expected
  • Regularly competes in local and National meets
  • Minimum age 14, unless approved by Coach Ericka

Development Goals of Senior Group:

  • Highest aerobic and anaerobic capacities achieved
  • Highest and best race strategies developed
  • Strong mental fortitude developed to deal with highs and lows of competing
  • Development of leadership and time management skills
  • Highest participation in Season and Goal Planning
  • Understands all phases of training from Base to Peak/Taper phase
  • Will achieve peak performances 2-3 times per year
  • Improve individual time standards in as many age group events as desired
  • Overall goal to achieve lifetime best standards to advance to collegiate level or end on Highest note possible
  • Maximize marketability to achieve scholarship