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Piranha Volunteer 'Annual Service Hours' Policy  

REQUIRED of all members

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OnDeck LogoThousand's of swim parents around the globe are experiencing new-found knowledge at swim meets, tracking attendance, viewing their child's best times and comparing them to local and national time standards, viewing news to your team's web site and viewing and signing up for jobs and all events on the team.

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Benefits of Becoming an Officiala

  1. Gain a more thorough understanding of swimming in particular, and sports in general.
  2. Help support a sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle for our children.
  3. Become involved in the meet both mentally and physically rather than merely spectating.
  4. Fulfill volunteer requirements for your club.
  5. Get closer to the competition.
  6. Receive great hospitality. 

...why your swimmer needs YOU to volunteer

(A short article from USA Swimming)