Piranha Swimming
Summer Pre-team

Welcome to Piranha Swimming’s Pre-Team Program.The goal of this program is to get your swimmer onto the team. If your child has had swim lessons or just did a tryout and were not quite ready to be on the team, this program will improve their skills so they can get on the team. 

Session 1:    First two weeks of the month (if successful your swimmer may join the team)
Session 2:   Last two weeks of the month (after successful completion you may join the team or Fall Promotional team)

The will be eight 30-minute meetings per session Monday-Thursdays. Pre-team classes will focus on basic skills development, with Session 1 adding in specific work on freestyle and backstroke, Session 2 breaststroke and butterfly. We recommend both Sessions so your swimmer gets a well-rounded experience!

  • All strokes, including starts and turns
  • Long Axis Strokes (LA) - Freestyle and Backstroke- Session 1. 
  • Short Axis Strokes (SA) - Breaststroke and Butterfly-Session 2.


Session 1 

Session 2

Monday-Thursday Monday -Thursday
June 6th, 2022 June 20th, 2022
Pre-team: June 6th- September 29th, 2022

Class Enrollment

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. A waiting list will be available if classes fill up, and more classes may be added as needed. In addition to signing up, a liability form must be completed and we must receive a cash or check payment. All participants must be enrolled before entering the water. Registration must be completed by the Friday before the first day of the session. In the event of cancellation, we will do our best to reschedule your swimmer at a convenient time. 

Each four-week class within a session is $95.00 per child. Pre-team is $95.00 per session. It is necessary to have payment in hand and a liability form completed before a child can be enrolled in classes. Make checks payable to Piranha Swimming.  Visa and Mastercard accepted. To be put on the waiting list please email Coach Ericka at [email protected]


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. The cost is $45.00 per ½ hour or $200.00 for 5 lessons. It is necessary to have payment in hand and a liability form completed before a child can be enrolled in classes. Make checks payable to Piranha Swimming.

During the Class/Lesson

Please arrive on time to each lesson so that your swimmer does not miss review or warm ups. If you arrive early please supervise your children and help them abide by pool rules. When your child is in the water please sit in designated Parent-Spectator areas. This allows you to observe and it allows the child to focus on the coach. We keep the water at 81 degrees and we try to keep everyone warm and engaged. If a child is shivering or turning blue, the coach may opt to remove the child from that day’s lesson. Lessons are taught rain or shine. We only cancel for electrical storms.

More Tips

  1. Use the restroom before class to minimize class interruption. Eat a light meal before class.
  2. Secure long hair away from child’s face. We recommend using a swim cap.
  3. Apply waterproof sunscreen before class
  4. Keep children home if they are sick and possibly contagious.