Annual Giving Campaign 2022 
October 3rd - 30th 

Dear QuickSilver Families, 

This week we are kicking off QSS’s Annual Giving Campaign (AGC). This is our club’s largest fundraising event where proceeds help subsidize fees for our athletes and help maintain our award-winning swim programs. The AGC helps QSS achieve our goal of becoming a nationally recognized Gold Program. Last year, QSS achieved the Silver 

Status and our membership grew by 30% at six pool locations (GHS, Castillero, ASRC, Silver Creek, John Muir, Pinehurst) with over 1,000 members in our youth competitive team and adult masters program. We could not have done this without your contributions and generous support. Every cent contributed to QuickSilver’s AGC went towards creating and developing champions in and out of the water. 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. QuickSilver relies 100% on sponsors and donations to fund our award-winning swim program. Your contributions will help QSS continue to pursue our goals and objectives for the 2022-2023  year. 

We thank you in advance for your support and contribution. Please help us spread the word, and help our Club!

  • All donations need to be submitted by October 30, 2022.  

  • For general questions or support, contact [email protected]


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QuickSilver AGC Committee

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The team is targeting $80,000 for:

2022 Equipment Wish list

  • Updated dryland equipment: dryland bands, med balls: all sites running dryland

  • QSS Branded Team Tents for new QSS sites and meets: New EZ ups for middle school sites CAS, JM

  • Updated training flags: Gunderson

  • Cost-sharing with SJUSD for the scoreboard, speedlights, and touchpads: Gunderson

  • Movable Diving blocks for sites: Middle Schools

  • Storage sheds: Middle school sites 

2022 Meet Equipment Wish List

  • 2 laptops (need enough USB connections, RAMs and memory)

  • 2 printers

  •  1 full harness (10 lane)

  • Meet Manager Software Update

  • Another set of lane signs (pace lane, dive lane, etc.)

  • Redo meet boxes

  • Admin materials

  • Tap

  • Back-up Omega Starter (Running a lot of 2-sided meets)

  • 2 external strobes for Omega starters

  • 2nd timing console (TBD or borrow zones!)  

  • Chairs for double sided meet

  • More tents, buckets and bungees

  • Revamp of old hospitality equipment

  • New percolator

  • Extension cords

To help us achieve our goal of $80,000

We also accept stock donations in addition to cash donations and corporate matching. Stock donations will also go towards a long-term strategic plan of building an elite swimming facility. For those itemizing deductions, you can deduct stock transfers at fair market value, even if you acquired stock at a lower cost basis. This step-up basis enables you to donate with pre-tax dollars, rather than after-tax dollars. Please consult a tax professional if you have a unique tax situation. 

Stock donations, please download the "QSS 2022 Securities Donation Form.docx" 

>>> QSS 2022 Securities Donation Form.docx 

Charity Name: QuickSilver Swimming 

Brokerage: Morgan Stanley 

Account #: 662-069721-382 

DTC #: 0015 

  • If you have stock donation questions, please contact: [email protected]

  • We advise two weeks lead time to complete stock transfers from your brokerage account.

Check donations, please download the "QSS 2022 Donation Form.docx"

>>> http://QSS 2022 Donation Form.docx

Credit card donations, use our online donation form.



Company Matching Programs 

In addition, many companies will match the charitable contributions of their employees. Some companies that have charitable matching programs include: Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Ebay, Google, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, Oracle, Symantec, Varian, Wells Fargo, and Xilinx to name a few.  If you are able to make a charitable donation to the team, please check if your company has a charitable matching program. Please provide your company's name and matching amount along with your donation so that QSS staff can help facilitate the company matching if needed. 


Pledge Levels:


Annual Family Fee Requirement

In line with previous years, QSS is offering members the chance to have their AGC donation fulfill the giving requirement. Every family that raises donations totaling $400 or more will have their Annual Family Fee Requirement waived for the 2022-2023 season. Qualified families will not be billed in February 2023.


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