Annual Giving Campaign       


Fall 2021

  • Dryland equipment for Gunderson and Pinehurst: med balls, balance plates, stretch cords. 
  • SwimStrong Dyland and Nutrition Program: team-wide program. 
  • Whiteboards for middle school site and ASRC 
  • Cost Sharing School District Scoreboard 
  • Triton Wear 
  • Training equipment, pace clocks, pool mirrors, stretch cords Silver Creek Site 
  • Lap counters for hosting meets and travel meets
  • EZ up tents for meet hosting and events
  • $13,000 towards team stretch goal for future facility project 


Fall 2020

  • Support 2020- 2021 operations due to Covid-19
  • Cost-sharing plan with the school district (Scoreboard, Relay Judging Platforms with SpeedLights, and Omega touchpads).


Fall 2019

  • Portable PA system @ Gunderson site.
  • Dryland equipment for ASRC site.
  • QSS Branded and Team Meet Tent/
  • Cost-sharing plan with the school district (Scoreboard, Relay Judging Platforms with SpeedLights, and Omega touchpads).


Fall 2018
  • Four speakers and cords (swim meet equipment)

  • Facility banners for team records, safe sport and USA Swimming rankings

  • QuickSilver negotiated a cost-sharing plan with the district for key items to make Gunderson an amazing meet facility.  The scoreboard, relay judging platforms with speed lights and speed light harnesses, and Omega touchpads were all part of the cost-sharing plan.  QuickSilver needs to fundraise to pay for the cost of these items.


Fall 2017 - skipped.  Reorg.


Fall 2016

  • Anti-Wave lane lines for Gunderson competition pool and warm-up pool

  • 8 QSS Team Tents

  • Omega Starter

  • Meet computer and software upgrade

  • Staff computer 

  • Banners

Fall 2015

  • Dry land equipment at ASRC (med balls) and Gunderson (stretch cords)

  • Training equipment - StretchCordz (various resistance levels), underwater mirrors

  • Equipment bins

  • Hearing Impaired Starting System (custom designed by FastLane Tek) 

  • Stopwatches 

  • Banners 

Fall 2014

Meet Equipment: 

  • QSS Tents for team area 

  • QSS Information Tent for team area

  • Colorado 6 Timing Console 

  • Buttons & wiring for timing system

  • Scoreboard cable

  • Laptop 

  • Printers and ink cartridges 

  • Stopwatches

  • Distance Bells

  • 8 QSS Lap Counters with extension poles 

  • Meet equipment storage crates

  • Hytek Team Manager - Gold version (2015 version)

  • Hytek Meet Manager Pro version with Meet Mobile

  • Touchpad test meter and air pump

  • Meet banners 

  • Check-in materials

  • Clipboards

  • Tally lap counter

  • Refurbished our Starter

Additional Equipment for Swimmers: 

  • Medicine Balls (dry land equipment) at ASRC site

  • Stretch Cordz long belts at GHS site