What if my athlete has symptoms or suspected exposure?

Athletes who are ill are not able to attend.  Swimmers who have had any members in their household ill may not attend for 14 days.  Report any illness to [email protected] to staff can trace and ensure the safety of all athletes.

What protective equipment is required?

Swimmers are required to wear a mask into and out of the facility.  There are no age exceptions to this policy.

What precautions are coaches taking to keep athletes safe?

Coaches will wear mask and have hand sanitizer available.  Coaches will keep 6’ social distancing except in emergency situations.



Can my swimmer participate if they are late to practice?

Please check with your site coach in advnace, but likely no.  Swimmers must be on their pre-assigned number outside the gate exactly 5 minutes before their practice time.  Any members who are late and have missed proceeding to station 2 in a timely manner will not be permitted to enter.

Can my swimmer borrow equipment?

Due to an abundance of caution, kickboards and other equipment will not be available to borrow.  Swimmers are responsible for bringing all of their required practice equipment to the pool.

Can my swimmer leave their equipment at the pool?

Swimmers will not be permitted to leave personal belongings at the facility.



Are parents or spectators allowed into the facility?

Parents and spectators are not allowed into the facility at this time in order to reduce the number of individuals gathering.



Can my swimmer take a shower after practice?

No, out of an abundance of caution, the locker rooms will not be available for use as we cannot guarantee that they can be cleaned between each practice group.  Athletes are advised to shower when they return home.

Can my swimmer change in the locker rooms after practice?

No, the locker rooms will not be available for use as we cannot guarantee that the facility can be between each practice group.

Can my athlete deck change?

No, USA Swimming rules prohibit deck changing.  Athletes will be required to enter and leave the facility with their swim suits on.

Where should my athlete go the bathroom?

Bathrooms will be open for bathroom use only during the swimmers practice time. The goal is to limit the need to have athletes in an indoor environment.  Practices will be slated to be under 1.5 hours to limit use.



Will my swimmer be in the same training group as before COVID 19?

In order to comply with Santa Clara County mandates and reduce risk, QSS will be running in much smaller groups than normal.  Swimmers will be assigned a practice slot with swimmers of the same age and skill level.

Will my swimmer be able to move-up a group?

Current QSS group structures do not apply since we are not able to operate with normal sized practice groups.  Our priority is to ensure each athlete has an opportunity to return to the pool. 

When will my swimmer be permitted to move up a group?

Group changes will occur when we are back to semi-normal operations and can allow more athletes in the water a time.

Will practices times be our normal practice schedule?

Due to social distancing measures, practices will be shorter, have a 10 minute gap interval between practice slots, and minimal number athletes.  Thus, QSS cannot maintain a normal practice schedule.  Athletes will be slated into smaller groups to ensure safe social distancing.  Practice groups will be created by age and skill level.

What if my swimmers cannot make the assigned time?

Please fill online form to request a different time slot.  Swimmers will be given spots as they become available.  Swimmers are only permitted to join a group within their age and skill level. 




What are swimmers advised to do after practice?

Swimmers should shower and rinse out their suits at home.  Remember to clean off shoes and any items set down at facility.



Will QSS continue to host dryland?

Due to the continuing restrictions for swim practices, QSS will continue to do regular dryland through Zoom.  Please see coach emails for more updates. 

Can QSS coaches offer private lessons?

QSS staff members are completing out-of-water private lesssons.  Group lessons are not permitted.



Can swimmers join QSS at this time?

Yes, please contact [email protected]

Santa Clara County Health Department has strict directives on youth programs.  Youth may only participate in one activity at a time and then must have a 3-week gap between changing programs.