Covid Protocols

Updated 3/24


Click Here for QSS Team COVID19 Protocol for ALL sites


Limit Personnel on Campus:

  • Parents are not allowed in the facilities or to wait in line with swimmers.  Swimmers need to wait in line independently.  Do not congregate near fences.  Our goal is to reduce personnel on campus. 
  • All athletes and parents must wear a mask while at any facility.  If you exit a car, you need to have a mask on!


Covid19 Staging & Lane Set-up by site


Pool Set-up

A & B Side

QSS is utilizing 7 pools for due to social distancing.  The normal 7' - 8' lanes are split into two slots with swimmers starting on opposite ends of the pool.  There is about 8' between swimmers on the walls and 75' on the walls from the swimmer in the lane next to you.  The set-up still allows for adequate square footage per swimmer and social distancing. 

When passing mid-pool, like all outdoor pools, there is a chance you could be within 6' of someone.  For swimming in general, swimmers should only be inhaling above water and exhaling under water.  Coaches are taking the passing time into consideration in setting up the sets and structure. 





Following the new protocols is important for the safety of all members.  Any procedural or policy violations will be addressed with the utmost caution.  Athletes who are unable to follow policies will receive a warning and/or may be suspended.  Athletes and parents may be required to complete a Zoom parent and swimmer conference to go over the rules. 


Contingency Plans in Event of Shut Down

  • Monthly Dues in event of virtual operations (if not in 1st of month):
    • $125 Turquoise, Grey, Pre-National, Pre-Senior, Junior National, Senior Development, Senior, National
    • $100 Gold & Gold Elite
    • $50 Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver


Fire & AQI Safety 

QSS will cancel practices if the AQI is above 150.  Variations in air quality throughout San Jose are common and the staff will evalaute the conditions based on pool locations.  Members are encouraged to make decisions based on their health and well-being.  Athletes with underlying health conditions such as asthma or sensitivity to smoke are advised not to swim in AQI over 100.  

When will staff decide if practices are cancelled?  (Notification will be received shortly after)

  • 6pm - Morning Practices 
  • 12pm - Afternoon Pracitces