Covid Protocols

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Limit Personnel on Campus:

  • Parents are not allowed in the facilities or to wait in line with swimmers.  Swimmers need to wait in line independently.  Do not congregate near fences.  Our goal is to reduce personnel on campus. 
  • All athletes and parents must wear a mask while at any facility.  If you exit a car, you need to have a mask on!

Reminders on Cohort Rules:

  • Cohorts are stable groups.  Swimmers may not cross cohorts.  If you need to change practice times, please email [email protected] to request to be on the waitlist.  Cohort changes are done on a fixed schedule.  The next cohort change will be January 4 for the team (which will include group move ups).
  • Youth athletes are only permitted to participate in one activity at a time, and may not move from one program to anotehr more than once every 3 weeks:
    1. Childr​​en/youth cannot attend more than one childcare program, after-school program, or other child/youth activity within the same three-week period.
    2. For children/youth receiving in-person instruction in a K-12 school, this means they can attend school and one additional child/youth activity (such as a before- or after-school program or activity).
    3. For children/youth participating in a distance learning hub, this means that they can participate in the distance learning hub and one additional child/youth activity (such as a before- or after-school program or activity).
    4. Programs are responsible for maintaining enrollment and attendance records, and should verify families’ compliance with these restrictions to the extent feasible.

Holiday Travel

On Nov. 9, Health Officers from ten Bay Area Counties, including Santa Clara County and the City of Berkeley, issued joint recommendations for staying safe during the holidays.

The recommendations advise the public of the following:

  • If you gather in person, keep it small, short, stable, and outdoors.
  • Nonessential travel, including holiday travel, is not recommended.
  • Travel outside the Bay Area will increase your chance of getting infected and spreading the virus to others after your return.
  • For those who are traveling, practice tips to help avoid catching COVID-19 or spreading it to fellow travelers.
  • If you travel outside the Bay Area, i's strongly recommended that you self-quarantine for 14 days after your return. 
  • The safest way to celebrate during the holiday season is virtually or with members of your household. Gathering with people outside your household, even extended family increases the risk of getting and spreading COVID-19.

Covid19 Staging & Lane Set-up by site


Pool Set-up

A & B Side

QSS is utilizing 7 pools for due to social distancing.  The normal 7' - 8' lanes are split into two slots with swimmers starting on opposite ends of the pool.  There is about 8' between swimmers on the walls and 75' on the walls from the swimmer in the lane next to you.  The set-up still allows for adequate square footage per swimmer and social distancing. 

When passing mid-pool, like all outdoor pools, there is a chance you could be within 6' of someone.  For swimming in general, swimmers should only be inhaling above water and exhaling under water.  Coaches are taking the passing time into consideration in setting up the sets and structure. 




QSS has a FAQs section.  Please check out the extensive list of FAQs to see if your question(s) are answered.



Following the new protocols is important for the safety of all members.  Any procedural or policy violations will be addressed with the utmost caution.  Athletes who are unable to follow policies will receive a warning and/or may be suspended.  Athletes and parents may be required to complete a Zoom parent and swimmer conference to go over the rules. 

Contingency Plans in Event of Shut Down

  • Monthly Dues in event of virtual operations (if not in 1st of month):
    • $125 Turquoise, Grey, Pre-National, Pre-Senior, Junior National, Senior Development, Senior, National
    • $100 Gold & Gold Elite
    • $50 Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver


Fire & AQI Safety 

QSS will cancel practices if the AQI is above 150.  Variations in air quality throughout San Jose are common and the staff will evalaute the conditions based on pool locations.  Members are encouraged to make decisions based on their health and well-being.  Athletes with underlying health conditions such as asthma or sensitivity to smoke are advised not to swim in AQI over 100.  

When will staff decide if practices are cancelled?  (Notification will be received shortly after)

  • 6pm - Morning Practices 
  • 12pm - Afternoon Pracitces