When determining the swimmers' groups and levels, coaches review athlete's race times and training sets -- and try-outs for new QSS athletes.

How are groups determined?

Practices groups are determined based on the athlete's current training level.  These are not test sets, but rather, regular training sets the group would need to complete with ease.  Athletes do not move up a group level until they are ready to train at the level of the group they are moving into. For some group levels, additional time standards are needed to ensure the athlete is qulaiified for the meets on the group's meet schedule.

Competitive program

Our competitive program provides a comprehensive flow and level up opportunities for swimmers.  Each group follows a 5 level structure. Swimmers moving next age group are placed the most suitable level of the next age group, not necessaryly same level (for example swimmer moving from B5, may be palced level S4 initially)

Visit each's group's page for more information and contact us for assistance.

Gold / Highschool+
Ages 15 & up


Ages 13,14


Ages 11,12


Age Group
10 & under


Group flow & structure:

Pre-competitive program:


In addition, QuickSilver also created a Pre-Comp program to allow a better intro group for new and developmental swimmers.This structure allows for a smaller swimmer-to-coach ratio for these groups as they are at an integral learning phase.  


Ages: 4+

  • Pre-comp: All Ages
  • Pre-Qs: 6 & u
  • Lil Qs: 8 & u
  • Pre-Comp 1: 9-12
  • Pre-Comp 2: 11-14
  • Pre-Comp 3: 14 + / HS