Summer Practice Change Request Form

Swimmers who cannot make their assigned practice time may request to transfer to another location and time  that is a group level match.   Please see potential practice change options chart below.  A form must be filled out for each athlete requesting a pratice time change.  You will be contacted when/if a spot becomes available. 

  • Group levels are only offered at certain sites.
  • Please do not request a group that is above the assigned level; swimmers are already placed in the fastest level training group and these requests will not be accommodated.  You may request down one level, if needed (for example: Bronze 2 to Bronze 1)
    Change options that may become available are listed below; however, space is limited in each group due to lane space.
  • Almaden Sites - Athletes at current AG1 at Castillero will default to AG1 ASRC roster.  Please request to change to Castillero if preferred. 
  • Blossom Valley Sites - Athletes in the AG1 roster at JM will default to AG1 JM roster.  Please request to change to Gunderson if preferred.
  • SCVCC Site: SCVCC is a private club and all athletes must be members of SCVCC to join practices at the site.