Team Structure

Competitive Structure

The competitive structure allows for more comprehensive flow for the swimmers and expands the options for level up opportunities compared to the former system.  Swimmers should expect to go down one level (such as level 5 to level 4) when they move up a group tier (such as Age Group to Bronze).


How are groups determined?


Practices groups are determined based on the athlete's current training level.  These are not test sets, but rather, regular training sets the group would need to complete with ease.  Athletes do not move up a group level until they are ready to train at the level of the group they are moving into.

For some group levels, additional time standards are needed to ensure the athlete is qulaiified for the meets on the group's meet schedule.

  • RP = "Ready Position" - swimmers need to be able to leave from a proper ready position every time they leave the wall
  • G# = "Glide 1 black line" or 2+ - this means that swimmers need to push off from a ready position and glide a minium number of black lines before they initiate their kicks or pull down.
  • #D = "3 Dolphin Kicks" or 3+, which is the minium number of dolphin kicks the swimmer at that level is expected to do off every wall