Fall Schedule

Liv Lyons

Fall Schedule


Fall Practice Schedule


  • John Muir and Pinehurst sites will swim at Gunderson the first three days 8/11- 8/13
  • Silver 1 and Silver 2 Pinehurst is moved to John Muir 6:30- 7:30pm
  • Gold 2 group added to ASRC 6:15- 7:30pm.


Why is the schedule still tentative this year?

Two main reasons:

1. QSS has to get permits approved by the school district for some sites (Castillero, John Muir, and Hoover).  Covid numbers have been increasing, so the school district is planning to keep limitations at certain faciltiies through the fall. 

2. The State of California passed a law that moved the start times back for schools.  This changes when we can start certain group levels, which further compresses the hours we have to work with for scheduling practices.  For Gunderson, the high school will release at 3:20pm this year. 

What if my athlete cannot make their practice schedule?

QSS will send out a Practice Change Request Form at the end of July.  Parents can request to change practice times or sites.  For group changes, you cannot move up a group, but may request one group down (i.e. Level 3 to Level 2).