Covid-19 Protocol

Liv Lyons

Covid-19 Protocol

If your child has been exposed to Covid-19 or has symptoms, you need to contact [email protected] immediately. 

If your child was exposed or identified as a close contact at school or another youth activity, then they should receive a letter from their school or organization noting details such as last date of exposure, quarantine plan, testing requirements, etc.  To help streamline information, it is most efficient if you email us (1) your child's name, (2) that they been exposed or had symptoms, (3) if they are vaccinated, and (4) the letter received if possible.  This will allow us to guide you through the process and note when you can return to swim. 

In most cases, a 10-day quarantine from the last date of exposure is required from swim team practices and events.  As a youth programming provider, QuickSilver reports cases to the County of Santa Clara Department of Health.  Our goal is the safety of of athletes and we hope to continue to provide an opportunity to swim even as Covid-19 continues to impact our area.


Santa Clara County Department of Health Information on Quarantines



Santa Clara County Department of Health Information on Modified Quarantines



Are masks required at practices?

Athletes are required to wear masks when entering and exiting the facilities at all San Jose Unified School District pools (Gunderson, John Muir, Castillero).  Masking requirements are set by the facility.  We recommend athletes at all facilities wear masks when entering and exiting facilities as this is when they are talking and passing others.

Are parents allowed to watch practices?

In an effort to reduce personnel at all sites, parents/guardians are not permitted to enter facilities or watch practices.  Parents may chaperone athletes to the entrance gate and wait until the coach calls the group in for practices. 

Are QSS coaches and staff vaccinated?

Coaches are required to either submit proof of vaccination or abide by SJUSD x2/week testing policy.

Are vaccines required for team travel (such as flying or driving in vans with team) meets?

Extensive testing (before and after... and possibly during) travel meets may be required.  For individuals over 12 that are eligible to be vaccinated, vaccinations may be required for specific meets.