Updated Covid Policy

Liv Lyons

Updated QSS Covid Policy

January 12, 2022

Please note that our Covid policy is changing based on County of Santa Clara Health Department, State of California and CDC guidance.  We are updating our membership out of transparency and hope to everyone can continue to do their part in keeping our community safe.

We are required to give precedent to the most strict policy.  This policy replaces the 2021- 2022 Youth Programs/Childcare Decision Tree.  However, QSS is requiring a test 5 days out from exposure and not swimming for any household contacts (i.e. someone within your immedaite household tests positive for Covid) due to trend of positive tests within households. 

Our goal is to provide the safest environment for our athletes and staff.  By being a member of QuickSilver, you agree to follow all Covid policies.  Thank you for your continued support. 

Reminder, all athletes need to wear a securely fitting mask when entering and exiting pool faciltiies for practices.

2022 Covid Policy- January 2022

When do I need to tell QSS...

  • If your athlete or anyone in your household tests positive, please quarantine and notify [email protected] for QSS reporting and tracking.
  • If your athlete has been IDed as a close contact and is not up-to-date on vaccinations, please follow the decision tree and notify [email protected]  If your athlete is up-to-date (had booster or Pfizer within last 5 months) on vaccinations, then you can email for guidance. 

What info does QSS need for reporting requirement...

  1. Athlete’s name, practice pool location and group level
  2. Vaccination status (type, date of last shot and booster if received)
  3. Date of test(s), positive or negative, PCR or antigen
  4. Symptoms (date of onset)
  5. Last exposure date (if known)
  6. If your athletes was IDed as a close contact, please let us know from where: school, household, etc?

Up-to-Date Vaccination

Up-to-date on vaccination means the you have had two shots of Moderna or Pfizer with the second shot being in the last 5 months OR had a booster.  For Johnson & Johnson, the booster or single shot needed to be within the last two months.  A 2-week waiting period post-vaccination is required.  Any vaccinations prior to this window are considered not up-to-date. 

CDC Guidance

County of Santa Clara Public Health Department Guidance


Household Contacts

If you are a household close contact, then the date from last exposure counts as the last time you had contact with that household member.  If the person with Covid in the household is isolated,  then it helps stop the clock; otherwise, the close contact cannot start their quarantine period until that period who tested positive for Covid finishes their quarantine and then the close contact starts their quarantine. 

Due to the fact that nearly all household contacts are testing positive on Day 5, QSS is opting to have all household contacts out for 5 days and then test regardless of vaccination status. 

If possible, antigen tests are preferred for the 5 day test as they track active infection.

California Public Health Department Full Policy Update