Learn to Become an Official

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How to Become an Official

Officials Requirements

Step 1 - Register for Pacific Swimming ​($68)

You may bring this form to the QSS office at GHS or email it to [email protected]  We will mail the check and registration form for you.​
Step 2 - Register for a USA Swimming online account
Step 3 - Complete Athlete Protecting Training
Step 4- Complete Level 2 Background Check
Step 5 - Complete Concussion Protocol Training
Print your certificate and mail to Pacific Swimming or email to [email protected] and cc' [email protected] to help enable tracking.
Step 6 - Attend a Clinic
Clinics are held annually in Concord.  This year's clinic is Saturday, October 12.  Other local clinics are periodic. 
​Step 7 - Stroke & Turn Officials Test (OR Admin Test)
Complete Stroke and Turn Certification test online.  You will need to log-in to your account for the test.
Step 8 - Training: Shadow 2-day meets
You can shadow at most C/B/A+ meets.  Certification requires two on deck trainings, but more may be needed to feel comfortable and be ready for evaluation.  Email [email protected] and she can help get you set-up for shadowing. For Admin official training, please email [email protected] for scheduling a training meet.
Step 9 - Evaluation/Check-out
You get evaluated and recommended for advancement by a meet referee.

Head Officials

Head of Zone 1 South Officials: Jennifer McKennan and John Abe

Head of Pacific Swimming Officials: Mike Davis

Thank You to Our Amazing QuickSilver Officials!

Officials are amazing--- they allow us to run swim meets and for our kids to be able to continue progressing in the sport.  QuickSilver is thankful that we have dedicated parents that have taken the time to help the team and become USA Swimming officials:

  • Migdalia Aldana-Taylor
  • Catherine Ellacer
  • John Hannigan
  • Todd Hoefer
  • Attila Lengyel
  • Dianne Marsh
  • Dirk Olsen
  • Ramon Perez
  • Leah Peters
  • Bradley Rex
  • Tom Sosnowski
  • Kathy Tiddle
  • Youngmi Woo

QSS' Goal

Officials are an integral part of swimming.  QSS relies on dual meets to ensure our swimmers get enough local swims throughout the year, especially during the long course season.  However, we need more parents to start training as officials in order to continue running dual meets.  The minimum goal is to train at least 15 new parents as officials this year!  Our dream goal would be to get closer to 30.  If you are interested in finding out more, talk to a senior coach today!