Athlete Leadership Committee

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QuickSilver is looking for athlete members who are enthusiastic and willing to invest time and effort into making our team #1.  QuickSivler Swimming strives to have a nationally recognized competitive aquatics program that teaches and trains all levels of swimmers, emphasizing athlete protection and Safe Sport training, individual progress, team unity, family participation, and competition at the high level.  QSS has made great strides since our founded in 2011, and as we approach 10-year anniversary in 2021, we want to ensure we provide the best member experience possible.  Help us make improvements, teach leadership skills, and be the best team possible!


The goal of the QSS Athlete Leadership Committee is two-fold:

  1. Athlete Learning - Allow a training forum for our athletes to gain leadership and planning skills.  
  2. Improve the Team - Utilize the input and experience from our athletes to improve operations including Safe Sport trainings, Club Development, Diversity Outreach, New Swimmers Experience, Social Media, Community Service and Outreach, Alumni Relations, and Zone Committee Involvement.



  1.  Age - 12 & Over
  2.  Be in good standing - Regular practice attendance (Virtual and Pre-Covid19), Current member
  3.  Be able to participate in monthly Zoom trainings or activities
  4.  Be willing to take on a leadership role or assist in planning
  5.  Coach Recommendation (please be sure to ask a coach in advance!)
  6. Submit your application by June 30



Tentative Projects

  • Safe Sport Trainings
    • Ensure team has plan to train 12 & over athletes annually
    • Help plan continuing education sessions with professional speakers
    • Help plan parent trainings annually
    • Help create incentives for parents to complete online training
  • Club Development
    • Work with coaches to track Club Development pieces
    • Help create incentives for swimmers to complete IMR and IMX
    • Assist in communication to swimmers on Club Development tracking pieces
  • Diversity Outreach
    • Assist coaches with diversity outreach planning
    • Help plan diversity outreach events
  • New Swimmers Experience
    • Help create soft onboarding plan for new swimmers
    • Assist new swimmers with transition to swim team
  • Social Media
    • Help populate fb and instagram pages
    • Work toward Vlog
    • Come up with contests and ideas to expand social media presence
  • Community Service & Outreach
    • Help plan team community service days
    • Help build community relationships
  • Alumni Relations
    • Help create alumni relations plan
    • Participate in alumni and current swimmer crossover events like College Talks
    • Coordinate with coaches and parents to run alumni events
  • Zone Committee Involvement
    • Sit on a Z1S committee such as Age Group, Senior, Diversity, Sanctions, or Scheduling