We'd love to have you on our team. 

QSS offers programming at multiple sites to better suit the needs of our swimming community.

Each of our sites is fully staffed by professional coaches and offers programming for entry level swimmers through experienced athletes. With the number of different groups and options created by our multi-site setup, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right fit for you and your family.

Covid Info:

- Site and practice time options may be more limited. 

- We currently have 48 cohorts acrross 7 pools. 

- We are limited to 14 swimmers per cohort. 



The first step is to schedule a tryout for group placement

What to Bring?  Swimmers need to bring a swimsuit, cap (if long hair), goggles, and towel.

Requirements?  Swimmers must be able to swim 25-yards freestyle unassisted.  Our Pre-Bronze (pre-swim team) group is also available for those swimmers who can swim 15-yards of freestyle, float on their back, and follow coach instruction.

Please tryout at the site that your swimmer plans on practicing.


2021 Group Practice Structure

Competitive Structure

QuickSilver is shifting the group structure for 2021 to better accommodate team growth in the past 5 years.  The competitive structure allows for more comprehensive flow for the swimmers and expands the options for level up opportunities compared to the former system.

Pre-Comp Program

In addition, QuickSilver also created a Pre-Comp program to allow a better intro group for new and developmental swimmers.This structure allows for a smaller swimmer-to-coach ratio for these groups as they are at an integral learning phase.

Please note that QuickSilver is built on a progression system where swimmers are placed in a group level that matches up both age and skill level as best as possible.  Swimmers move up a group three times per year (August, January, and April) based on being ready for the next group.




Registration Fees:

  • $300 Family Fee (prorated throughout the season - Aug thru July)
  • $73 USA Swimming Registration Fee

Registration Link - click here

Monthly Dues:

Practice Group

Monthly Dues

Pre-Comp 1-2, Age group 1-3


Age Group 4


Age Group 5


Pre-Comp 3-5, Bronze 1-2, Silver 1-3, Gold 1-2


Bronze 3, 4, 5


Gold 3, Silver 4,5


   Gold 4,5



College (Sept 1- includes USA-S Reg)

$250 (annual)

Master - QSS Parent

(Register on Masters site)


Master - USA Swimming Official

(Register on Masters site)



(Register on Masters site)


  • Monthly Dues - Monthly Dues are billed on the 1st of each month.  Payment is accepted by credit card (plus processing fee) or ACH.


Parent Obligations for Comp Swim Team:

  • Service Hours
    • 0 Hours for Pre-Bronze/Bronze groups 
    • 8 hours for all other competition groups (accrues @.75hrs per month, prorated from start date)
  • Hours are calculated by the highest group level of your swimmer(s).  Parents receive 2 service hours for attending the team General Meeting.
  • Buyout option available at the start of the season (By Oct 1st) or within the first month of joining.
  • $100 Mid-Season Annual Fee in February