Swim-a-Thon info
Goal: $25,000
100% Team Participation


 Quicksilver 2022 Swim-A-Thon 

Stretch those muscles, and tighten those goggles because Quiksilver Swimming is launching our annual Swim-A-Thon. This is an excellent opportunity to bring family and friends together for some fun while supporting our team through lap pledges and donations. 


What is a Swim-A-Thon?

Swim-A-Thon is a USA Swimming Foundation-approved fundraiser used by swim teams all over the United States to raise money for their respective swim club. The Swim-A-Thon is a fun group event that all our swimmers can partake in and, at the same time, raise funds for our team. 


Participants earn money by swimming lengths of the swimming pool (25 yds), within a specified period. Swimmers collect pledges per lap or flat donations from family, friends, neighbors, or businesses to support their efforts prior to swimming. It functions just like Walk-A-Thons etc that are popular in schools. This is an excellent opportunity to have the community support our athletes. 


The SAT is a family event; where parents help count laps and keep track of times, athletes swim laps to raise money, and family and friends pledge money to help support USA swimming and QSS. We hope that everyone is able to get the whole family involved, as the event will have food, music, swimming, raffles, and many other prizes. 


Our goal is to raise $25,000 to offset team travel costs, boost our QSS athlete scholarship program, and subsidize QSS relay meet expenses. With our athlete's fundraising participation and your financial support, we will be able to provide critical support to our team. Your support of our Swim-a-Thon is very much appreciated! We can’t wait to see everyone Friday, May 20th at Gunderson High School! 


Our Swim-A-Thon does a lot!

As one of our MAJOR FUNDRAISERS, the Swim-A-Thon is a HUGE way the team raises money needed to operate a successful team. Our fundraising goal for the SAT is $25,000!! We can do it if everybody pitches in - PLEASE help us reach this goal.


How can I reach my minimum goal of raising $25?

Our goal this year is $25 per swimmer and 100% participation. It should be easy to reach this goal….just follow the simple formula: Ask 5 people for $5 each  >>> 5 x $5 = $25

You will be surprised at how generous people will be when they find out that it’s for such a great cause!

How do I set up my Swim-A-Thon page?
You can set up your personal Swim-A-Thon page on QSS TeamUnify Website. Just click on My Swim-A-Thon under the Swim-A-Thon tab. The SAT online platform will allow you to reach family and friends with personalized and scrapped emails. Please follow the instructional video to learn how to set up your swimmers profile, so set up an email list and start raising pledges through TeamUnify. This is the best way to send pledge emails and receive donations. 

Who do I ask for pledges?

Ask your friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, parents’ co-workers…ask anyone who may be interested in sponsoring you – and, of course, Mom & Dad! Some people like to donate 10 cents, 25 cents, or 50 cents a lap and enjoy seeing how many laps you’ll swim. Other folks would rather give you a lump sum of $10 or $20. 


How do I ask for pledges?

TeamUnify makes it easy to ask friends and family for pledges. Just follow the link below and log into your account to set up your Swim A Thon platform. Through the TeamUnify Swim A Thon platform, you can send out scripted or personalized messages that help you ask for pledges. Swim-A-Thon Pledge Link

If you are calling people on the phone or texting, you could say/text: “Hi, this is (your name). I am on the QuickSilver swim team and am participating in a Swim-A-Thon on May 20th. Would you be willing to sponsor me? My goal is to swim (goal #) of laps during an HOUR to help raise money for my team. You can pledge per lap or a flat amount. I really appreciate your support!” 


Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, all donations are tax deductible. Our non-profit tax ID number is #45-3142323. Donation Receipts with our tax ID # are available upon request.


When do I collect the money?

You can collect the money at any time. All per lap donations will be collected after the event, but flat amount donations can be collected at any time! Our lap counters will let you know how many laps you swam on the day of the Swim-A-Thon, and then you can collect from your sponsors.


Where can I get an additional pledge form?

For additional copies go to: My Swim-A-Thon. All online pledges must be turned in by Friday, May 6th to receive QSS swag and prizes on May, 20th. Pledges received after May 6th will receive their QSS swag after Swim-A-Thon. 


What to expect during the event day?

Swim-A-Thon will have food, drinks, raffle prizes, team spirit, and much more!  Music and fun during your laps! QSS Swim-A-Thon swim caps for all QSS swimmers who participate and bring in a minimum of $25 in pledges… the only way to get one is to raise money and swim!! The day will be broken into two sessions: 13 and over 3:45-5:45 pm, 12 and unders: 5:45-7:45 pm



*** Start Now…Ask Everyone…It’s For Your Team! ***

Donation Rewards:

Fundraising Achievement
Official USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon Prizes
$400.00 - $599.99
SwimaThon   Rally Towel
$600.00 - $799.99
SwimaThon Water Bottle 
$800.00 - $1199.99
SwimaThon Towel Swim Cap 
$1000.00 - $1200+ SwimaThon Shower Speaker 
SwimaThon Red Pool Towel 
In addition, USA Swimming Foundation offers the following prizes. Swimmers receive only the single highest level prize for which they are eligible for these prizes. In addition, swimmers who swim 100 lengths or 200 lengths will receive a bag tag to recognize their achievement!