QuickSilver Santa Cruz is a premier USA Swimming team in Santa Cruz. We have training sites throughout Santa Cruz County.

We believe that swimming success starts with a strong foundation.  That is why we take pride in offering a progression based program from beginning swim lessons to national level training. We also understand that having a water-safe child is vital to living near the Monterey Bay, which is why we offer junior lifeguard prep classes, stroke development and swim lessons to make your child feel more confident in the water. Swimming is a lifelong sport practiced at any age, which is why we also offer Masters swimming.

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to educate and teach high-level technique, beginning at primary levels through collegiate, to the local swimming and water based community. 




Quicksilver Swimming Santa Cruz dba SC Swimming CAFL Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Tax ID 82-3258212 , effective 10-2017. Donations are welcome and tax deductible under IRC sec 170. Please check deductibility with your tax professional.