Our Progressive Approach

We focus on your athlete's needs that result in lifelong health and fitness along with a progressive approach to personal improvement. 

  1. Coaching matters: QSS invests in high-quality, experienced professional coaches and targeted 20-1 group ratios. Our coaches study and stay current in the latest improvements in the sport by regularly attending clinics and educational classes. QSS coaches bring that knowledge and experience to the pool deck every day for the benefit of our swimmers.
  2. A-Z plan for each swimmer: QSS focuses on the present, but with the future in mind. QSS is designed to offer a planned progression for our swimmers to get the most out of their swim careers. Progression is based on individual goals and the commitment level each swimmer wishes to bring to the sport. QSS’ program is built on the most important parts of swimming: (1) constructing stroke technique to eliminate drag and potential injuries; (2) correct stroke technique at goal pace. Our core belief in swimming as a progression requires mastering each step before moving on to the next phase to unlock our true long-term potential.
  3. Responsibility: Swimming teaches responsibility and ownership of the swimmer’s actions. In the water, swimmers achieve what they train to achieve. There are peaks and valleys as they grow, but in the end, swimmers get earned results. QSS helps each swimmer gradually progress from group to group, learning leadership skills at the top of a group and challenging them to de determined to rise when at the bottom of their group; both leadership and determination are life skills that teach swimmers responsibility.
  4. Good habits in & out of the pool: QSS creates well-rounded student-athletes.  Our swimmers are some of the best students in the nation from the elementary to the collegiate level. Swimmers learn time management skills by attending practice while achieving excellent academic results. Swimmers who learn to balance academics and swimming will have effective time management skills for life.
  5. Consistent & focused meet attendance: QSS swimmers typically attend one meet per month as identified by the coaches. The vast majority of QSS swimmers participate in meets. Because swimmers work hard throughout a season to peak at a championship meet, it is critical swimmers attend their championship to reap the benefits of their hard work.  Missing a championship meet equals missing your best potential times (akin to doing all the academic work for an entire semester and then skipping the final).  The best time to take family vacations is immediately after your swimmer's big meet rather than before or during the meet. Championship meets will vary based on swim level, but may include the following:
  • Fall/Winter:  Race to JO's, CSA Championships, 14 & Under JOs, Sectionals, U.S. Junior Nationals, U.S. Nationals
  • Spring:  10 & Under Champs, Race to JO's, JO's, Far Westerns, HS Conference meets, CCS (+ post-meet)
  • Summer:  Race to JOs, JO's, Far Westerns, Sectionals, Futures, U.S. Junior Nationals, U.S. Nationals