Signing up for a swim meet:

There are generally two types of meets we go to, and they have different ways to sign up.

Dual Meets - are meets with one other team, they are generally smaller and usually last only one day. Those meets you can sign up for on this website. The meet information in toward the bottom half of the homepage. There are two steps to signing up, the first is to declare your intent to participate, the second is to select and commit to the even your swimmer is going to compete in.

When you are logged in, you will see a button to the right of the meet labeled [Edit Commitment] if  the meet is open for sign-up. You click there, then select whether you are going or not in the drop down box and click, now you scroll down and see which events are available, check the boxes for which events you plan to sign up for, and click save.

SwimConnection Meets - are meets available for sign up through You can set up a free online account with ome.swimconnection, and enter meets there. In general meets are listed in chronological order, please verify that you sign up for the correct meet, as there are often several meets in various locations listed for each weekend.

When you click on the meet, you get to the main information page. There (usually top right) is a blue link called "Meet Sheet" which links to a pdf with all the details about the meet. It will give you directions, tell you rules, eligibility and so on. Check how many events each swimmer can sign up for. (Save it- you will probably need it later.)

When you enter your swimmer, you will find the list of available events. If your swimmer is brand new they will not have a previous time from a prior meet, and you enter NT (for 'no time') in the corresponding time fields, for which events you want your swimmer to compete. (Otherwise you can click "get best times" and it will pre-populate with your swimmers' best times.) Then you just delete the times for the events you do NOT want your swimmer to participate in.  Click save/confirm. NOTE! Your are NOT done yet! Find the "go to payment" link, and pay for your meet entry and splash fees with your credit card. When you have completed it, you will receive an email receipt, and a meet summary to the email associated with your account. Now you're signed up for your first swim meet! 

General advice about signing up new swimmers for swim meets:
If you have a brand new swimmer, talk to your coach about which events to enter your swimmer in. Double check that the events your sign up for are not back to back or too close to each other to allow some physical and emotional recovery time. In general, shorter events in strokes they feel good about and are confident in is a good start. Before, during and after, focus on the fun, making them feel comfortable and confident to try something new. Let the coaches talk about performance, times and technique. Parents parent and coaches coach is a good saying. "I love you, have fun!" goes a long way to make new swimmers comfortable.

Going to your first meets:
Here are links to two articles with helpful tips for your swimmer's fist swim meet:

If you are going to your first swim meet and could use some help, please reach out to your swimmer's coach who will be happy to help you find a buddy family to walk you through the ins and outs of your first meet. We have all been there, and we are happy to help.