Here's The Easiest Way to Help SCD With it's Fundraising Efforts!

We have great news! SCD has partnered with Melaleuca, a USA manufacturing company that offers a charitable fundraising program that allows non-profit, 501C3 programs like ours, an easy way to incur extra income without much extra effort or extra money or time from you!

This shopping club is loosely structured like eScrip. Every time a family shops, SCD will receive 5% of the total purchase. Each family can shop from a wide assortment of common household consumables from this online store which provides high quality, concentrated, eco-friendly products that contain no toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals. They are higher quality than name brands, less expensive then Target, Costco, Walmart. Healthier for your athletes and yourself and your pets!

There are over 350 products to choose from and all you do is switch stores, save money and benefit SCD! Through this unique non-profit partnership, the more families who volunteer to shop every month for a portion of your everyday household products, the more money will be donated to SCD. It's a Win-Win fundraiser for both you and SCD. So far this program has raised over $13,000 for SCD in the last 4 years and has potential of providing thousands more in the future! So if you wash your hair, do laundry, wash dishes, clear your home, purchase sports drinks, energy bars, protein shake mix, sunscreen, toothpaste... 

The next question is hopefully "How can I help"

Contact Tina Blease (SCD alumni family - Austen Blease, former NYU diver.  All American, 2014)

H/(408) 377-8829 C/(408) 807-8761 to learn more about the company