The purpose of this code is to promote the best possible individual, team, and competitive diving program. This code is a set of rules to help establish a friendly, safe, and productive diving environment.

1. All participating team members will abide by this code of conduct.
2. All members will respect the coaches. This includes giving them their full attention when they are speaking and giving instructions.
3. All members will arrive at practice and competition activities early enough to start on time.
4. All members will treat each other with respect and have good sportsmanship. Foul language or name-calling is not permitted. Disrespectful, indiscreet or destructive behavior will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of each diver to not partake in unwanted behavior.
5. Pushing, hitting, kicking, and other intentional unwanted touching or interfering is not permitted.
6. Running or other horseplay activity is not allowed.
7. All divers will wait inside the training facility until parent comes in and picks them up. Divers are not to wait outside unless supervised by an adult or coach. Parents must pick up within 15 minutes of the end of scheduled practice.
8. We are a drug free organization; using alcohol, non-prescription illegal drugs, or tobacco is not permitted.
9. Parents, siblings and friends are not allowed on the pool deck during workouts or at competitions without the coaches' permission.
10. All athletes are expected to participate in all designated championship meets they are qualified for.

11. Parents are responsible for their own conduct. Aggressive behavior or language, either through the form of e-mails, phone calls, voice mails, text message, or any other form towards any member of the SCD coaching staff will be grounds for immediate termination from the program.

1. Parents are responsible for their own personal conduct as well as their children's when representing SCD at competitions. Coaches are only supervising those athletes during warm-up and their actual event.  

2. Any curfews issued by the Head Coach at team travel events will be obeyed. Curfew is not enforced if participant is with parents.
3. Male and Female divers may not be in each other’s room on any team trip unsupervised with the exception of having the door fully open and/or adult supervision.
4. All participants and their parents have a responsibility to do their best to ensure that this Code of Conduct is adhered to and to help ensure the safety of these Program participants.
5. All participants are expected wear designated team suits, T-shirts, and warm-ups during all competition.

1. At the discretion of the Head Coach and or Assistant Coach any one or all of the following penalties will be applied:
2. For General Code of Conduct Rules 2 – 7, a three step disciplinary action will be taken. First offense; a verbal warning. Second offense; a time out or a discipline action left to coach. Third offense; diver is removed from practice and must immediately change and a call to parent will be made. Depending on severity of indiscretion, the coach has the option to go immediately to step three and an inquiry may be initiated.
3. Diver may be scratched from the meet.
4. Diver may be sent home immediately from practice or meet at his own expense and if there is extra expense it will be diver’s responsibility.
5. Diver may be suspended from the team until the diver and parents have had a conference with the Coach and appropriate disciplinary actions have been implemented.