Junior Olympic (JO) Team

The JO program is the top tier of our Competitive Program. The athletes in this program train to compete in Local, Regional, Zone, National, and, if qualified, International competitions. These athletes are the “ambassadors” of our team. This program is made up of proven competitors and potential National qualifiers.

This program has a 1 year financial and competition commitment, but will be billed monthly.

This program is by coach’s invitation only.  

Expectations for JO Divers:

Communicate late arrivals or absences via text PRIOR to the start of practice.

Attend at least 5 days per week, on average, if training 6 days a week; 4 days a week, on average, if training 5 days a week; and 3 days per week, on average, if training 4 days a week. Lower attendance or consistently late arrivals may result in being moved to a different group.

Train fast and effectively (30-seconds per-dive pace). Consistently slow divers may be moved to another group.

Stay on task throughout practice. Your top priority is to stay focused on maximizing your productivity and staying on-task during practice. In addition, don't be a distraction to your teammates.

Do not plan family vacations from April 1 through mid-August. Daily attendance during this period is especially important. Exceptions may be allowed the week immediately following Regionals and the week immediately following Zones.